Not much time has passed since the release of the major version of Safetica 8.0 and we already have a new version for you. You can see that we are really constantly improving our DLP. Come and take a look what is new in Safetica 8.1.

One-click protection for your external devices

In Safetica 8.0 we introduced the easiest way of immediate protection of your company data. But it "only" included emails, files upload and instant messaging. Now you can protect also your USB flash drives and other external devices. Add them to your policy with only one click. Get an overview of where and how data flow out of your company. Data protection won’t get any simpler. If you would like to find out more about this new Channel Control feature, check out our previous article:

Take control of your data flow channels. With Safetica 8.0

Set data protection right away when starting with Safetica

We have some good news for new users of Safetica. You can take the first steps towards a secure company environment right after Safetica is installed. As early as in the deployment wizard you can now start restricting email attachments, file uploads to websites, instant messaging tools and set up HIPAA or PCI-DSS compliance restrictions. Start monitoring where sensitive files go with Channel Control feature in a single click.

Get your Data Categories sorted out

Safetica 8.1 brings an easier way of managing Data Categories. Before, one file might have had several tags, and thus more rules applied to them at the same time. This could have lead to unexpected situations and confusion. Therefore we have made it simpler. Now only the first matching Data Category applies and you can reorder them easily to change the priority.

Thanks to this, the new way of applying security rules to particular files is now much more clear, logical and understandable. This improvement also prevents possible troubles in future and makes Safetica more compatible with third-party technologies. And best of all, it makes setting up Safetica easier.

Safetica learned another language

Hello! Hola! Ahoj! Привет! Cześć! Safetica speaks English, Spanish, Czech, Russian and newly also Polish.

Other highlights

    • Improved clipboard support enables precise Microsoft Outlook restrictions when working with sensitive content. This means that only a relevant email message gets restricted without hindering other Outlook activities.
    • New information is available about managed mobile devices such as application version or state of the application.
    • Deploy and assign Safetica installation agent on the endpoint to an appropriate Active Directory location with the configurable parameter: msiexec /i installation_file.msi GROUP="Department|Development"

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Ján Lakatoš
Product Manager @Safetica

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