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Know your sensitive data. Discover internal risks. Get security & regulatory audits.


Protect data with integrated DLP and Insider Risk Management


Optimize your product and account management. Gain better controls for  compliance.


Data Classification

Safetica Unified Classification

Data discovery of data-at-rest

Out-of-the-box data classification templates

Third-party data classification integration

OCR sensitive data detection in image files

Data Loss Prevention

Data flow visibility

Data incident detection

Email incident detection

External device incident detection

Company data destination management

Data security incident mitigation

Email security incident mitigation 

Shadow copy for security incidents

SSL inspection for extended DLP support

BitLocker encryption management for hard drives and removable drives

Insider Risk Management

User activity visibility across email, applications, websites and external devices

User risk and behavior visibility

Email traffic visibility

Application activity management

Website activity management

External device management

Cloud Data Protection

Email policies for Microsoft 365 (Exchange Online)

Data activity visibility for Microsoft 365

Data security incident detection for Microsoft 365

Data security incident mitigation for Microsoft 365

Mobile support for OneDrive, Outlook, SharePoint and Teams


Real-time incident alerts

Scheduled reports

Security assessment report 


Active Directory integration

SIEM integration

Data analytics integration (PowerBI, Tableau, etc.)

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Safetica Platform

Report and notifications

  • Easily customizable reports
  • Real-time incident alerts
  • Granular log access management


  • Platform-independent protection
  • Ready for a hybrid cloud environment
  • Remote work and virtualization support

GDPR & Compliance 

  • Full control of personal data
  • Best practice recommendations
  • OCR and 3rd party classification support

They trust us with their security.

Features and benefits

Data Classification 

Safetica Unified Classification

Detect and mark sensitive data based on origin, workflow context, or file type. Take advantage of metadata detection to use 3rd party classifications. Allow users to classify files themselves.

Data Discovery

Audit of file operations and outgoing email communication in Office 365.

Out-of-the box templates

Classify sensitive files and emails with powerful content inspection with predefined templates or custom rules and dictionaries.

Data Loss Prevention

Data flow visibility

Security audit of data-flow in all channels, including external devices, web upload, email, instant messaging, print, and cloud drives.

Detection of suspicious activities

React fast thanks to real-time detection of suspicious activities and immediate email alerts.

Regulatory compliance audit

Discover violations of most common regulations, such as PCI-DSS, GDPR, or HIPAA in all regional variations.

Different remediation policies

React flexibly to detected incidents to empower and educate your employees. Incidents can be logged, blocked, or justified/blocked with override.

Email and network protection

Data protection for email, web upload, instant messaging, and network shares.

Company data destination management

Easy management of safe data destinations, which significantly reduce the number of data protection policies.

Remote work protection

Avoid data leaks on remote endpoints or remote desktop connections. Support a wide range of remote access solutions.

Incident Shadow Copy

Keep forensic evidence for incidents by creating shadow copies of leaking data. Shadow copies are fully encrypted and can be kept on local computers with a retention policy.

BitLocker encryption management

Centralized management of local drives and external devices with BitLocker encryption.



Insider Risk Management

User activity visibility

Analyze work-related activities of individual users with detailed information. Find out if anyone visits dangerous websites or uses undesirable applications and services.

User risk and behavior visibility

Prevent security risks and manage users' efficiency by identifying idle workers, and suspicious behavior patterns.

Application and website control

Recognize undesirable user activities
with work activity audit and automated categories for apps used and websites visited by specific users

Workspace security audit

Review usage of company devices, applications, networks, and print. Discover unused or misused resources to maintain workspace, ensure retention, and reduce costs.

Cloud data protection

Endpoint to cloud sync protection

Data protection for cloud drives on endpoints, e.g., OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc.

Microsoft 365 protection

Protect, audit, and control access to any data file as you collaborate in Microsoft 365, no matter where the document is stored or who it’s shared with

Exchange Online Protection

Unify email policies across endpoints and cloud email. Manage and filter outgoing data from endpoints and Exchange Online.

Mobile support for OneDrive, Outlook, Sharepoint, and Teams

Automatically apply controls, even when user devices are not within the organization’s network.


SIEM integration

Automated reporting of incidents to SIEM solutions (Splunk, QRadar, LogRhythm, ArcSight, etc.).

FortiGate integration

Automated security integration with FortiGate network appliances to create a robust endpoint-to-network security solution.

Reporting API

API for reporting Safetica data to analytics and visualization services.