Insider Risk Management

Spot anomalies, detect insider threats, and stop data leaks in real-time. Stay ahead of breaches and act fast to reduce risks.

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Insider Risk Management

Spot anomalies, detect insider threats, and stop data leaks in real-time. Stay ahead of breaches and act fast to reduce risks.

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What is Insider Risk?

Insider risk encompasses potential threats from trusted insiders, including employees. These risks vary from inadvertent actions like human error to deliberate malicious activities.

This highlights the importance for organizations to not only enhance productivity but also implement measures to detect and mitigate insider threats effectively.

Non-malicious insider risk continues to pose the greatest risk to organizations


of insider-related incidents caused by a negligent employee

86 days

average time it takes for organizations to detect and contain an insider threat incident


average cost of insider threat incidents 

Accurately spot insider threats and stop them

Safetica provides proactive protection against insider threats, taking swift action to safeguard crucial data.

Our solution effectively blocks data exfiltration through diverse channels, including cloud services, email, websites, removable storage devices, and more.


Safetica combines insider risk management with employee productivity insights.

Safetica offers a comprehensive solution that not only fortifies your data against insider risks but also optimizes your team's performance.

Our solution provides real-time monitoring and analysis of user activities, identifying insider threats, blocking risky actions, and uncovering shadow IT, while also offering alerts and reports for enhanced workspace security.


Gain detailed insights into how your team operates, from file transfers to messaging, ensuring both productivity and security.


Identify potential risks originating from within your organization, safeguarding your sensitive data.


Stay in the loop with instant notifications for blocked activities, ensuring uninterrupted workflows.



Understand how your team functions and make informed decisions for further improvements.


Get precise overview whether purchased hardware and software licenses are distributed and used efficiently


Access reports tailored to your needs, providing valuable insights for process enhancement.


Why Safetica

Continuous Monitoring and Auditing

Safetica offers real-time monitoring and audit trails that provide full visibility into data access and usage, supporting compliance and security efforts.

Zero-Day Threat Detection & Response

Safetica's proactive identification and immediate response to emerging threats ensure protection against zero-day vulnerabilities

Behavioral Analytics & Anomaly Detection

Safetica's advanced behavioral analytics identify suspicious activities and anomalies, enabling early detection and mitigation of potential security breaches.

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