Insider Threat Protection

  • Early security threat detection and response 
  • Holistic behavior analysis 
  • Insight into company workspace, digital assets, and operations 

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Insider Threat Protection

  • Early security threat detection and response 
  • Holistic behavior analysis 
  • Insight into company workspace, digital assets, and operations 

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What is insider threat and how does it affect your company?

An insider threat is a malicious or non-malicious threat to an organization that comes from internal operations and people within, who have access to the organization’s data.

Insider threats are on the rise. They are driven by digital workspaces, flexible and remote work, and the agile behavior of companies without strict policies. Incidents may take months to discover and the longer they take, the costlier they become. According to analytics companies, insider threat has become a big issue in recent years.

Did you know?

  • 30% of data breaches involve internal actors
  • 47% increase of insider threat incidents in the last 2 years 
  • $11.45 million is spent on average by organizations impacted by insider threats
  • 88% of companies cannot consistently detect insider threats
  • 2 months is the average time to contain an insider threat incidents

Difference between
Insider Threat Protection and Data Loss Prevention 

Insider Threat Protection proactively identifies security threats and prevents them before they turn into data loss. By adding humans into the mix and analyzing the behavior of individuals and the whole company, we can detect anomalies that could point to potential risks. This way, we can predict trends in behavior and stop problems before they happen. Behavior analysis can also be used to simplify maintenance (such as semi-automatic creation of safe zones), educate users with a tendency to behave in an unsafe manner, or dynamically alert the admin based on risky behavior, such as exporting thousands of sensitive files from company sharepoint at 3am. 

Insider Threat Protection

Data Loss Prevention

Scope of security

Data flow and behavior

Data flow

Early warning

Hours or days before incident

At time of incident or minutes before


Combine data classification with complex threat signals

Reliance on data classification and strict data-flow rules

Security impact

Strong in early risk detection and end-user security education

Strong in incident investigation and hard policy enforcement


Less expensive mitigation and better understanding of behavior, workspace and data flow

Prevention of data loss incidents with frequent impact on BAU


We offer two solutions that address insider threat:

Next-gen SaaS DLP covers key data security scenarios with risk-driven endpoint incident detection powered by data analytics. Ease of use is backed by simple settings, built-in templates, and automation built on our best practices.

When you prefer:

  • DLP with cloud management console, deployed in minutes
  • Simple settings that IT admin can handle within current capacities
  • Monthly or annual subscription with per-user pricing

Enterprise-grade on-prem DLP covers a full range of security scenarios and supports business productivity. It provides all-in-one data loss prevention and insider threat protection with user activity audit and workspace control.

When you look for:

  • On-prem DLP software running in-house
  • Detailed settings self-managed by an internal dedicated team
  • 3rd party integrations, advanced workspace control & behavior analysis


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