Cloud Data Protection

Secure your data in the cloud and prevent any unauthorized access or leaks to cloud storage

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Cloud Data Protection

Secure your data in the cloud and prevent any unauthorized access or leaks to cloud storage

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Cloud Security Challenges

The shifts in technology adoption and work practices have expanded the focus on safeguarding digital assets to include both endpoint devices and cloud-based applications. Balancing control and security in this evolving environment presents a key challenge.

Achieving this requires a deep understanding of the security landscape, proactive risk management, and a commitment to ongoing monitoring and continuous improvement.


Safetica extends data security to the cloud

Continuously secure data in use across the web and application with data security policies and customized controls

Monitor and conduct audits of file uploads and downloads to cloud storage platforms

Safetica can monitor and classify files directly during user operations, such as exports, uploads and downloads, opening files, copying files to a different path, uploading files via web browsers, sending files via email or IM apps, and others.

Take real-time action to protect data and educate users

To prevent sensitive data from being leaked or exposed, it's crucial to use real-time notifications that display a message to the user and educate them on company policies.

Safetica's flexible protection policies:

  • Prevent sensitive data from being stolen or lost
  • Inform and instruct users to improve security awareness
  • Enable override with a valid justification

Prevent the sharing of sensitive files with unauthorized individuals in Microsoft 365

Collaboration apps are great for teamwork but they can also create risks. They can make it easy for people to share data with the wrong people or give incorrect permissions. To avoid such risks, Safetica enforces sharing policies in real-time. This ensures that you can keep your data within your control at all times.


Highly-rated by security admins for its product capabilities

Intuitive User Interface

Our Safetica console was designed with the user in mind. Navigate effortlessly through the system, empowering users to take control of their data security without extensive training.

Simplified Deployment Process

Flexible deployment options to businesses, with on-premise installation for maximum control and security, or cloud-based hosting for greater flexibility and scalability. You can count on our industry-leading partner and vendor support throughout the process.

Protection on Day One

Equipped with ready-to-use policies, allowing rapid implementation. Immediately and automatically detect and log incidents involving sensitive data, block risky applications and websites, and initiate universal monitoring.

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Why Safetica

Dedicated DLP with Insider Risk Management

Safetica provides comprehensive data loss prevention with complete data visibility, data security incident detection and granular controls to prevent behavior that puts your data at risk.

Continuous Data Protection across platforms and even offline

Safetica protects data seamlessly across diverse data storage platforms including clouds, network shares, and macOS endpoints.

Single Centralized Console

Admins can save time by managing data loss prevention for cloud and on-premises from a single console. Ensure consistency by using one policy across Microsoft 365 and other cloud applications.