Safetica Professional Services 

Maximize your results with Safetica Professional Services. Our experts will ensure top-tier security and service maintenance for your business. Select the service that fits your needs and contact our specialists to get started.

Primary Safetica
Professional Services


With Safetica’s pre-paid Implementation services, there is no need to configure or set up Safetica solution. This service includes everything needed to successfully implement Safetica solution.

Find out more based on your product plan: Safetica Essentials, Pro and Premium.

Health Check

Optimize your security with our Health Check service, tailored to assess your Safetica implementation based on your unique environment and requirements. Our experts will provide actionable recommendations, assist with implementing your specific needs, and ensure the best practices are applied, enhancing your overall security posture. This comprehensive service is delivered in just one man-day. 

Safetica Support SLA

Upgrade your Safetica experience with our Premium Support SLA packages. Our Silver and Gold Support levels are essential for large-scale implementations and for customers needing professional, proactive, and direct vendor support. With Safetica's exclusive, world-class service, you can ensure top-tier support for your security needs, no matter where you are. 

Additional Safetica
Professional Services

Customer Success Manager

The Dedicated Customer Success Manager’s (CSM) primary goal is to make the customer successful. The CSM drives Safetica adoption and helps quickly achieve the desired outcomes. Our CSM can help you to achieve your goals smoothly. 

Safetica Security Assessment

Experience the benefits of Safetica with our focused service, the Safetica Security Assessment. This service highlights data security, behavior analysis, and computer utilization using our advanced logging features. The result? A comprehensive Security Audit report that pinpoints your vulnerabilities and recommends the most effective Safetica configurations. This eliminates guesswork, ensuring you know exactly what data and channels need protection.

Safetica Product Training

Safetica has developed a short training session that will teach you how to use our solution to its fullest. We will familiarize you with the product and provide you with information about Safetica Installation best practices, basic console navigation, feature configuration, basic maintenance, as well as our own best practices.

Safetica as a Service

As a leading method of product delivery, our SaaS model ensures you get the most effective and streamlined implementation of Safetica. Our in-house team provides best practices, full-scope configuration, product maintenance, and regular reporting. Enjoy the comprehensive benefits and seamless experience that come with Safetica SaaS.

Consulting Services

Get a pre-paid consulting package of man-hours/days for assistance with your specific problems. This service is connected to Safetica Implementation. We offer the following services:

  • DLP Consulting

Get consulting services connected to additional DLP configuration, policies optimizations and more.

  • Security Consulting

During Safetica Implementation phases, you can receive a set of security recommendations connected to data protection, general security and more.

  • Professional Consulting

Professional consultations will provide you with the best practices and expertise for MS SQL Server, Safetica Database and Safetica Server Prophylaxes, as well as other topics.

Data Classification

Simplify data classification with Safetica's expert core team. With years of experience in hundreds of DLP projects, our specialists excel in finding the best methods for classifying and protecting your data. Utilizing multiple approaches and third-party tools, we ensure optimal data protection with Safetica DLP. This advanced service is available on-demand, by special arrangement with Safetica.

Security Awareness Training for Employees

A secure company is one that knows how to handle data securely. Do you want to educate your employees? Are you trying to teach users about modern security standards? Then this remote employee training session is the right choice for you. The session is suitable for everyone and covers all platforms – computers, smart devices, and network components, as well as general security-related information.

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