Safetica Professional Services 

Maximize your outcome by using Safetica Professional Services. We will help you achieve the highest quality in security and maintenance of services. Choose the service that’s right for you and contact our specialists to make arrangements.

Primary Safetica
Professional Services


With Safetica’s pre-paid Implementation services, there is no need to configure or set up Safetica solution. We will adjust the solutions to exactly suit your needs. 

Health Check

Safetica offers remote services to ensure that everything works as it should. We will recommend any necessary configuration changes and will make sure the solution meets your needs. Health Check services require one man-day of work. You can find more information here

Safetica Support SLA

Set the level of support SLA you want. It is an important part of any Safetica Implementation, and we can provide this exclusive care service worldwide. You can pick from levels like Premium SLA Silver and Premium SLA Gold. For more details, just click here

Additional Safetica
Professional Services

Customer Success Manager

The Dedicated Customer Success Manager’s (CSM) primary goal is to make the customer successful. The CSM drives Safetica adoption and helps quickly achieve the desired outcomes. Our CSM can help you to achieve your goals smoothly. You can find more information here

Safetica Security Assessment

Not sure how you are doing with data security? We can offer you a trial version of Safetica solution which can help you to find out more about data and computer utilization behavior. We can show you the strengths and weaknesses of your security and we will provide you with a report that can help you to implement the most effective configuration.

Safetica Product Training

Safetica has developed a short training session that will teach you how to use our solution to its fullest. We will familiarize you with the product and provide you with information about Safetica Installation best practices, basic console navigation, feature configuration, basic maintenance, as well as our own best practices.

Consulting Services

Get a pre-paid consulting package of man-hours/days for assistance with your specific problems. This service is connected to Safetica Implementation. We offer the following services:

  • DLP Consulting

Get consulting services connected to additional DLP configuration, policies optimizations and more.

  • Security Consulting

During Safetica Implementation phases, you can receive a set of security recommendations connected to data protection, general security and more.

  • Professional Consulting

Professional consultations will provide you with the best practices and expertise for MS SQL Server, Safetica Database and Safetica Server Prophylaxes, as well as other topics.

Data Classification

To set up Safetica solution correctly, you need to classify data. This can be tricky, and it is crucial. Our core team consists of professionals who have expertise in data classification gained throughout the years of working on hundreds of DLP projects.

Security Awareness Training for Employees

A secure company is one that knows how to handle data securely. Do you want to educate your employees? Are you trying to teach users about modern security standards? Then this remote employee training session is the right choice for you. The session is suitable for everyone and covers all platforms – computers, smart devices, and network components, as well as general security-related information.

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