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NAFFCO prevents sensitive data from leaving the company with Safetica

“Safetica is a cost-effective, easy-to-use Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution. It performs security audits, prevents sensitive data from leaving your company. Thanks to Safetica, we also have more visibility on our data transfers,” summarizes Mohannad Hennawi from NAFFCO.

We have 5* support!

Choosing the right solution for DLP and Insider threat is just the beginning. Your experience and the value you get from the software, depends greatly on customer support. And we are proud to announce that our support is one of the best in the market!

Data Loss Prevention, Guide for 2022

Data is a company’s most precious asset, from copyrights and client lists to sensitive information about employees. Most data is now in electronic form. It is created and accessed through software, databases, and other tools, making it vulnerable to loss and theft.

Avant Services: How to become a Safetica Platinum Partner in less than a year

Avant Services managed to achieve the Platinum Partner level in cooperation with Safetica within a year.

Safetica ONE 10.0: The new generation of DLP integrated with Insider threat protection features

The new content inspection and OCR, risk detection, and data analytics API integration, new branding in the products' user interfaces and improved the overall user experience.

New Generation of Safetica is here!

In September 2021, we are happy to introduce Safetica ONE, Insider Threat Protection approach, and the new Safetica brand.  

Using Messenger for company communication is a big risk

Read an interview with Zbyněk Sopuch, CTO of Safetica, about the risks of messaging platforms for businesses.

Security or uninterrupted work? With Safetica 9.9 you get both.

New version brings override of DLP policies or control of when file content scan is needed. And announcing public beta of Safetica 9.10 with OCR!

"Sometimes it is as much psychology as IT"

Zbyněk Sopuch, CTO of Safetica, explains how the DLP software is developed and what are the most important issues DLP needs to solve.

Safetica 9.8: Efficient detection and investigation

We focused on the most critical part of data security, detection, and investigation of data incidents and added new powerful capabilities and split the rest of the product based on the need for the response level.

Safetica 9.6: How to achieve flexible security for remote companies?

Regulatory compliance for remote companies, the lack of human interaction in remote companies and the challenge of securing work devices at home...

Broad home office exposes your company data

On average, one in ten companies in the Czech Republic has experienced sensitive data leaks. Learn how to prevent them during the epidemic.  

Safetica 9.5: Ready for the cloud age

E-mail DLP policies for Office 365, audit and protection of your data anywhere and support for Azure SQL database hosting.

Safetica Gets ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 Certified

By getting certified, Safetica demonstrates that it has processes in place to provide high-quality products and services.

Safetica and Seclore to Create Last-Mile Protection for Sensitive Information

The new partnership joins Data Loss Prevention and Rights Management to address the need for secure external collaboration compliance.

Safetica 9.3: Data Anywhere, no Platform Limitation

Safetica 9.3 extends data protection beyond Windows endpoints to every location no matter where the employee is working.

Sneak peek at Safetica 9.3 - Data Anywhere

Take a look at upcoming features: Fortinet integration, audit for Mac and Android...

CCPA – the new data protection rules for California

Companies have only 3 months to adapt to the new rules for data protection brought by CCPA (The California Consumer Privacy Act).

The Safetica team is on the road

Over the last couple of months, the guys and gals from Safetica have been visiting both exisiting and potential partners in Europe and Florida.

Safetica DLP and The Gartner Magic Quadrant

Safetica is recognized by Gartner as an Enterprise DLP Provider in their Competitive Landscape: Data Loss Prevention Market 2015.

Safetica Technologies Enters the Brazilian Market

Safetica closed EsyWorld as its distributor because of its established presence in Brazil with superior professionalism and quality.

We have become a Microsoft Gold Partner

In the fall of 2018 Safetica joined the Microsoft Partner Network and became a Silver Partner, less than a year later and we’ve already reached the next level - Microsoft Gold Partner.

Safetica 9.1: Sensitive Data and Cloud E-mail Under Control

Safetica 9.1 let you discover risks on Office 365 Exchange Online and, with the help of new rules, you can now better identify sensitive content in your business.

Safetica is a finalist for the Cyber Security Awards 2019

Safetica has been named a finalist for Best Security Company of the Year (less than 150 staff) in the Cyber Security Awards 2019.

Safetica DLP 9.0 – Manage data security from a single place

Safetica 9 introduces a reimagined DLP configuration with all the simplicity of Channel Control and all the power of our former DLP rules.

Safetica 9.0 – Data Protection without a Manual

Set up your data protection without reading instructions, reveal the most pressing security issues without spending hours analyzing monitored data with Safetica 9.0.

Safetica 9.0 - Discover Security Issues

The new version of Safetica was designed with IT administrators in mind. They are the ones who need to know what's going on in the security of their organization, so they can immediately resolve any problems.

Safetica has joined Fortinet´s Technology Alliance Partner Program

Integration of Safetica’s Data Loss Prevention solution with Fortinet products gives businesses a powerful tool to secure data, no matter where it resides or flows.

And the winner is ... Safetica!

We are proud to have been ranked as one of Red Herring's 2019 TOP 100 Europe, one of the most prestigious awards in the industry.

With DataSolutions, we have strengthened our market position in the UK and Ireland

Together, we will help businesses protect data and make it easier for them to comply with legislation, in particular the European GDPR. 

Safetica 8.4: The final version with Windows XP support

Safetica 8.4 delivers a whole bag of UI improvements, enhanced DLP capabilities. To ensure your security, Windows XP will no longer be supported.

Safetica: The best of 2018 and a peek at what’s in store for the year ahead

We now protect more than 170 000 devices. We have conquered a new continent, we have released 3 versions of Safetica DLP and we have formed new partnerships.

What did 2018 bring and what security challenges will we face in the coming year?

We may no longer be afraid of GDPR, but data leaks are still scary. What important lessons did we learn in 2018? What are our predictions for online security for 2019?

Safetica protects data in southern Africa

In November 2018, we signed a contract with distributor Prodata Group based in South African Republic. Our new partner has been operating on the market since 1992 and focuses mainly on the African continent.

Safetica 8.3 - Reduce the risk of data leaks with the reinvented Web and Application control

Safetica 8.3. will be able to stop malware and reduce the risk of data leaks by controlling website and application access.

Detect sensitive content with Safetica 8.3

After slowly introducing our first content aware capacities over the last year, we now are happy to present content detection in the core DLP modules: Safetica data categories and security policies.

Safetica is now a member of the Microsoft Partner Network

The Safetica and Microsoft connection brings data protection to the area between the cloud and an organization’s internal perimeter.

We stand firm in the fight for internet security and independence

We have joined the worldwide initiative Cybersecurity Tech Accord and now stand beside other companies such as Nokia, Telefonica, Microsoft and Avast.

Get inspired by Safetica success story in Poland

What works and what does not with partners and customers? What do you need to create a functional vendor - partner - customer relationship? We talked with Mikołaj Sikorski, Product Manager at Dagma (Poland).

Making data protection easier for you. Let us introduce Safetica 8.1

One-click protection for your external devices, setting of data protection right away when starting with Safetica, and managing Data categories.

From Safetica in the Czech Republic to ESET in LATAM

Every good salesman knows that business is all about the relationship. That is why we, Safetica, sent our employees to travel across Latin America and meet ESET partners in person.

Safetica 8.0 – don’t waste your time!

DLP in 3 clicks, extended data discovery, efficient surveillance, enterprise environments and MSPs... read about all new features of Safetica 8.0.

Take control of your data flow channels. With Safetica 8.0

Safetica has been long-focused on being lightweight and easy to maintain but with Safetica 8 we're taking this to a whole new level!

Data Loss Prevention 2017 and 2018 in numbers

The year 2017 has seen countless attacks on sensitive data, a huge buzz around GDPR, as well as new threats.

State of cyber security in 2017 and what to expect in 2018

The year 2017 has seen countless attacks on sensitive data, a huge buzz around GDPR, as well as new threats. Let’s look back at what the year brought us in security and get a glimpse at what 2018 has in store for us.

Our successes in 2017 and our plans for 2018

2017 has brought us new faces, business partners, GDPR buzz and product improvements. Join us in looking back at our achievements and find out what´s ahead for Safetica in 2018.

7 reasons to enjoy Safetica 7.8

New version of Safetica can find and tag data easily for GDPR, lets you have a better look at tagged data and find sensitive content in emails.

Performance matters

At Safetica we believe that great security software offers protection without noticeable impact on performance. Our data loss prevention software is therefore built to stay lightweight on the resources despite its ever-expanding feature set.

Keep your Office 365 protected

The upcoming Safetica 7.8 includes improved support for Office 365 which will enable you to work safely with your cloud data.

Ransomware spreads across Europe. You never know when it can attack. How to defend?

Once a ransomware is inside the system it is very difficult to get it out. And expensive. But actually it is quite easy (and not that expensive) to protect the company data from such attacks.

Discover your sensitive data with Safetica!

Safetica has already been protecting your data using smart contextual analysis. With Safetica 7.8, we are adding another layer of security to our product by introducing sensitive data discovery.

38 questions and answers about GDPR

What does GDPR mean for my company? Who is the processor and the administrator? What about video records? We are answering your most pressing concerns about GDPR regulation...

The risk of external devices

USB flash drives, external drives, cameras or mobile phones make it easy and comfortable to transfer important data. On the other hand, they also bring a couple of security problems that we shouldn’t overlook.

What's new in Safetica 7.5?

Guided GDPR security settings, simplified data tagging, enhanced BitLocker encryption management and detailed application visibility... and many more changes and improvements are being brought to you by Safetica 7.5.

How to protect IT against user mistakes

Ransomware, phishing, or data theft... a big part of present-day attacks relies on an ordinary user to open, intentionally or unintentionally, a door into the system for the attacker.

GDPR - the new data protection rules for EU

Companies have only 15 months to adapt to the new rules for data protection brought by GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). What does it mean for your company and how can Safetica help?

What IT security brings in 2017?

Whether it's a new legislation such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) or new trends concerning use of new technologies in companies, 2017 brings many changes and new risks that organizations should prepare for.

What’s new in Safetica 7.3

This version focuses on reducing cost and time to deployment by optimizing frequent tasks and server performance, as well as improving the user experience.

Safetica will protect data in American and Canadian companies

After Safetica became part of ESET Technology Alliance in June 2016, another big step comes up - our entry to the North American market.

How to secure printed data

When we do security audits in smaller companies, we most commonly find paper CVs laying all around work desks and tables. They also commonly contain manager notes and comments. In larger companies we see financial documents, contracts and customer data.

How we messed with boot-time drivers

One of our customers recently reported a problem with running our software in tandem with VMware vShield. Although the solution turned out to be quite simple, the investigation process revealed some interesting facts related to driver behavior at boot time.

6 key changes the new EU's General Data Protection Regulation brings

Although the Data Protection Regulation is not entering into force until 2018, taking steps to get your company protected against data leaks seems like a smart thing to do immediately.

Safetica 7.2 is released - What's new?

All-in-one deployment and update view, revised DLP settings workflow and improved client-server communication.

GAPP System now among our partners

By becoming Safetica partner the GAPP System expanded its security portfolio to include DLP software protecting companies against data leaks.

How to write a highly scalable Windows Socket server (BBQ library is the answer)

Our developer Benny (Marek Strihavka) has put together a sample code showing you how to write a highly scalable Windows Socket server in C++.

Safetica joins ESET Technology Alliance

Safetica has entered into partnership with global antivirus company ESET.

Thin line between transparency and security

When a company starts to think about information security and protecting their sensitive data, there is very often a fear that new controls and technologies will have a negative impact on company culture.

What’s new in Safetica 7 - the complete overview

New WebSafetica, Deployment Wizard, with redesigned UI and setup, brand new encryption features for external devices and single installation package for Safetica and Safetica Auditor.

The MontyRich magazine published a story on Safetica

Find out how loosing a USB drive led to establishing a company, that protects customers' data in 50 countries.

Company audit in 3 steps with Safetica 7

Safetica 7 brings a single installation package, seamless integration of all components and auditing profiles. Deployment with Safetica 7 can be achieved only in 3 steps

WebSafetica - online tool letting you get data security insights with ease

WebSafetica is designed specifically to provide managers with the means to monitor security and effectiveness of their company in a way that is easy to access, understand and maintain. WebSafetica is a product part of Safetica 7.

Safetica Receives $1.5 Million In Funding - And Expands Its List Of Investors

Safetica Technologies - the lead provider of data leak prevention - celebrates a new investment totaling nearly one quarter of the total value of the company. Safetica will use the new funding to develop new markets and to advance its products.

Support for Windows 10 in Safetica products

Safetica and Safetica Insight will be compatible with Windows 10 in April 2016.

Safetica Technologies has a new CEO

The chair of our CEO got a new owner - Petr Žikeš. Petr had acted as Safetica's Head of Support for the past 2 years and holded the post of Operations Director at the same time.

Safetica gains $2.5 million investment

Safetica Technologies, the Czech specialist in software protection against data leaks, has received an investment of 2.5 million dollars. The new investment comes from current investor Ondrej Tomek.

Data security meets California Dreaming and Bohemian Rhapsody

Let's take a look at the new Czech cyber security legislation and how si California trying to be at the front of data protection. And also take some time to listen to relevant musical pieces.

Are psychologists better than geeks in stopping insider threats?

Behavioral psychologists could do better than IT professionals in stopping insider threats, said two IT security experts at a conference in JP Morgan’s London offices.

Central European investment to protect against data breaches

Analyst firm Gartner, in its current report on IT security in Central and Eastern Europe, predicts the accelerated implementation of systems to protect against data breaches.

Jana Honkova and her presentation at IT-SA

Business Development Manager Jana Honková made a presentation about Safetica Technology and explained the capabilities of our software.

Safetica joins Regensburg IT workshop

Safetica visited the Bavarian city of Regensburg on September 22, 2014, where we were looking for new partners and to also deepen our knowledge of the German market.

Invitation to Fair IT-SA, Nuremberg, Germany 7-9 October 2014

Dear customers and business partners, you are welcome to join us at the IT-SA Fair on 7-9 October in Nuremberg, Germany.

Safetica Technologies wins highest test honors from SC Magazine

The editors praised the software’s performance and functionality in addition to the developers’ focus on detail and quality.

Data leaks put Prague and Goldman Sachs on common ground

The ongoing case of Prague Integrated Transport with the computer firms of Xanthus and Aremic brings to mind the sordid example of Goldman Sachs, Sergey Aleynikov – and the Princess Bride.

ISO/IEC 15408 and your morning oatmeal

That morning bowl of oatmeal has a lot more in common with ISO/IEC 15408 than you probably thought.

Data on the fly and Safetica 5.4.0

Enhanced OTF functionality is a major part in the 5.4.0 update of the Safetica 5 Data Loss Prevention.  OTF ( on the fly) functionality helps organizations find and tag their data in real time.

Data protection, drunk driving, and the Florida Information Protection Act

The new Florida Information Protection Act (FIPA) passed this summer has a lot of commonality with efforts to reduce drunk driving -- even if the law does not elevate beverage consumption to the "special kind of personal data" level.

How do you say Data Loss Prevention in German?

Safetica Technologies has launched its German language website at The new website provides visitors with complete information about Safetica and its solutions for providing better data security for organizations.

Let's talk DLP!

Are you interested in data loss prevention (DLP)? Do you speak German and English? If so, register and participate in the LET’S TALK DLP! webinar on June 26!

Here comes iCT Day

Satetica is a proud sponsor and participant in iCT Day, a conference on IT security to be held in Prague on June 10. This year's theme is “Securing the cyberspace as an element in state security”.

Verizon Data Breach Report: Finding methods to the security madness

The long-awaited Verizon 2014 Data Breach Investigations Report is out and it’s well worth reading.

Everyone knows the 80-20 principle - except the data classification experts

Data security starts and stops with people. There is a need for a people-centric approach to data security that begins with detecting and preventing unsecure actions, regardless if they are accidental or malicious. Technology wizards need to realize that there are limits to their classification efforts.

Your children may never play in a sandbox, but they might work in one

Sandboxing or visualization is a way to let suspect programs run, safely isolated from the rest of the device. Safetica technology brings the sandbox concept over to data security and endpoint monitoring.

Coders vs. actuaries in data protection showdown

Would you rather trust a coder or an actuary for your data security?  Getting an answer to this question has companies reaching for one of two very different approaches to data security: direct technology or risk hedging.

The Bugatti approach to data protection and SC Magazine

For both cars and DLP, the best solution fits the needs of the journey.

Come meet Safetica at CeBIT

From March 10-14, Safetica Technologies will be in position to meet B2B IT purchasers, scout out system integrators, and meet with you at its company booth.

Data Loss Hero and Industry Buzzwords

The most influential person of the year is clearly Edward Snowden who set off a domestic and international avalanche as the public and governments reacted to knowledge about the US National Security Agency’s surveillance activities.

Safetica 5 is a SC Awards 2014 finalist for Best Data leakage prevention (DLP) solution

Safetica 5 was recognized as a top product in DLP category for its ability to protect critical data inside and outside the company, prevent data from unauthorized exits from network and endpoint computers, monitor traffic.

Would installing DLP/monitoring software have pushed the NSA out of its comfort zone?

The U.S. National Security Agency did not install the most up-to-date data protection systems at its Hawaii site before contractor Edward Snowden went to work and removed thousands of classified documents.

Safetica 5 – Data Loss Protection Software – at GITEX

Safetica 5, the flagship DLP/monitoring solution from Safetica Technologies, is present at GITEX in partnership with Advanced Business Solutions MENA Fzco.

Safetica Guards the Data of the Guards

The Czech General Inspectorate of Security Forces (GIBS), the government agency charged with overseeing the state’s security apparatus, has selected Safetica 5 to protect their data.

Hazards to setting up semi-free Wi-Fi in the workplace

Semi-free Wi-Fi is where a company gives almost free Wi-Fi access to its employees – along with a few monitoring safeguards over what employees can download, access, and upload with their smartphones.

Grinders won't delete your lost data

Under pressure from officials from Her Majesty’s government, the editors of the Guardian newspaper in the UK destroyed the hardrives and computer equipment that had been used in reporting on Edward Snowden and the wiretapping by the American National Security Agency.

Welcome to the Safetica blog

Our goal is to provide bite-sized bits of information about data security and Safetica on the following topics: market, product, legal, and data news.

The Snowden Files: A question of access

The flight of Edward Snowden with laptops of classified information on U.S. spying programs has people wondering the obvious: How did he do this? And how can you prevent this from happening to your company?

Cyber-criminals take a closer look at small businesses

Small businesses reported faster growth in the rate of cyber attacks than their large, more visible competitors according to an Information Security Breaches survey by the UK's Department for Business, Innovation & Skills.

Social media in the office: Abstinence and “Be Nice” warnings are no cure

It's all about removing the uncertainty over social media use at the workplace. Social media isn't something to fight over. Feel free to use it, but just within the limits.

Safetica wins 4 ¾ stars in SC Magazine review

Safetica scored a perfect five stars for its features, ease of use, performance, documentation, and support.

Safetica 5 has been awarded 4 ¾ stars in SC Magazine review

“This tool is a nice entry into endpoint security. And, we found that the value for the money is good,” wrote Peter Stephenson, head of the SC Test Lab.

Pub(l)ic versus private data in the hospital

Huntington Memorial Hospital in California was fined $25,000 after an admissions clerk took a patient's mobile phone number and sent her a sex-based text message.

Striking a balance: Employees in social media and corporate cyber security

Our CTO Pavel Krátký discusses trust, Facebook, privacy, hacker breaches, and employee access to monitoring reports in Sri Lanka's business paper Daily FT.

Website monitoring with Safetica

With Safetica, monitoring internet use by the individual endpoint computer is surprisingly easy.

Your data and the law

It's not enough to have a program that keeps your data from leaving the company. Sometimes you need to take hard evidence of employee misdeeds to court.

Safetica Build 5.0.5 is here, end users will never notice

Safetica Build 5.0.5 brings many functional, graphic, and linguistic improvements.

Safetica 5.0.5 in action

Build 5.0.5. brings Safetica clients a combination of language, graphic, and functional improvements.

Safetica goes local in Japan

Safetica Technologies is represented in Japan by Promark, a distributor with over a decade of experience providing customized security solutions for a full range of companies.

Safetica brews a perfect cuppa in Sri Lanka

DCS International is Safetica's distributor for Sri Lanka, planning on improve the country's data security market.

Safetica enters Sri Lankan market

The exclusive Safetica distributor for the country, responsible for sales and implementation, is DCS International (Pvt) Limited. Safetica was launched to the public and IT press in the capital city of Columbo.

Edward Snowden: Where's the data?

It is not what Edward Snowden has said that has the United States government and its National Security Agency so nervous, it is what he has showed – or could still show – to other outside parties.

New version 5.0.3 Safetica

The latest update to Safetica 5 brings several improvements for users, providing greater comfort and clarity, and increased coverage for corporate clients demanding the highest data security levels.

Safetica wins Computer Weekly security award

Safetica Technologies and its new Safetica 5 Data Loss Prevention/monitoring software won an honorable mention in the Best Technology Innovation category from the UK magazine.

Safetica at InfoSec Europe

Safetica Technologies completed its first ever participation at InfoSec Europe, the largest European security exhibition.

Safetica 5 is here

Safetica 5 prevents human factor issues that can lead to the loss of confidential data, incur financial costs, and damage a company's security.

Safetica positioned for growth in Latin America

Safetica Technologies has established a beachhead in Latin America with the complete installation of its Data Loss Prevention software in a Bolivian energy company.

General disaster: What could have prevented Paula

Paula Broadwell, the paramour and biographer of CIA director David Petraeus, was found with large amounts of classified government documents. Could a military-grade Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution have stopped this data breach from happening?

Safetica launches DLP in Thailand

Safetica Technologies introduced its Data Loss Protection software to Thailand at the annual Commart Comtech Thailand exhibition on 15-18 November.

Data leaks in October: From foreign affairs to the IT department

There were over a half million instances of data loss during October, with much of the data leaking from traditional pillars of reliability such as governments, transit authorities, and banks.