Switching from Forcepoint DLP?

If you're a Forcepoint customer considering DLP alternatives, Safetica has a special offer to help you smoothly transition to our Endpoint DLP.

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Why Switch to Safetica?

Safetica empowers your business to maximize its full range of features, ensuring that your investment is worthwhile.


Persistent Endpoint Data Protection

Safetica is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for endpoint data protection. Safetica can automatically classify sensitive files based on content inspection or contextual analysis. These persistent classifications resist any attempts aimed at bypassing DLP, be it through archiving, file extension or encryption. These are also inherited with the content into new documents and even when the documents leave the protected endpoint.


Designed to be a Plug-and-Play Solution

Safetica allows for rapid deployment, reducing the time and effort required for installation and configuration. It simplifies the process of integrating Safetica into existing IT infrastructure, reducing the risk of compatibility issues or other technical problems. Finally, it allows organizations to quickly start enjoying the benefits of Safetica, such as improved data protection and increased productivity, without any significant delays or disruptions.


Reduced Dependence on 3rd-party Integrations

Safetica is built by an in-house team and does not heavily rely on third-party integrations. This means that businesses can have greater control over their data protection solution without relying on external vendors for critical components. This reduces the risk of potential compatibility issues or vulnerabilities.

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Don't take our word for it.
Hear what our clients who switched have to say:

Oftentimes, businesses are faced with a saturation of features and the complexity of implementing technology.
A key product differentiator is to be able to take all these features and create an experience that empowers the client to jump in and get a basic rollout done. Safetica NXT was able to do that for us without too much hassle or friction.

Tim Brewer
Manager – Support Services Division
TAS United

TAS United Success Story:
A Smooth Switch

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