Delivering excellent service and safeguarding its business and customers with a cloud-native DLP solution. 

TAS United is a Texas-based multinational telecommunication company that delivers live and automated call processing solutions for medical and other business clients throughout the United States.

As TAS United handles requests from healthcare and other business companies, its operators may encounter PPI, medical, and other sensitive data. So they need a reliable DLP solution to prevent possible exfiltration or leakage, meet business partners' requirements, and comply with HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and other data protection regulations.

TAS United was looking for an alternative to their current DLP solution (Forcepoint). According to the Support Services Manager, while Forcepoint has many features and functionality, it was not able to be tuned and executed as expected.  

In addition, TAS United was shifting architecture and moving towards more remote work. This created the need for a solution that was cloud-based.

A Smooth Switch

Oftentimes, businesses are faced with a saturation of features and the complexity of implementing technology.
A key product differentiator is to be able to take all these features and create an experience that empowers the client to jump in and get a basic rollout done. Safetica NXT was able to do that for us without too much hassle or friction.

Tim Brewer
Manager – Support Services Division

Safetica NXT was first put in place as a proof of concept. This gave the company a deep understanding of the product and how it can meet both operational and business needs. TAS United leaders were convinced that Safetica NXT could deliver value both in the short and long term.

The staff was immediately able to see results to tune against. The day-to-day usage was easier than the previous solution, and did not limit any checks being done for data exfiltration. Executives also issued company-owned equipment to all remote employees, ensuring DLP measures were in place.

Simple and Smart Security Partner

Safetica NXT – a cloud-native SaaS Data Loss Prevention solution – met the requirements for a fast-to-deploy and easy-to-use DLP solution. This SaaS DLP is managed via a web console that runs in a secure cloud (Microsoft Azure).

The CTO of TAS United chose Safetica NXT not only because it is cloud-native, but also of the price-to-performance ratio and these key features:

  • The ability to set different permissions for different user groups
  • Smart alerting about potential incidents and risky users/operations
  • Overall quick deployment and ease-of-use, allowing the company to focus on core business tasks 

Safetica NXT is simple and straightforward without sacrificing the teeth DLP requires.

Tim Brewer
Manager – Support Services Division

Take the Next Step

To learn more about Safetica NXT, please contact  your Safetica Representative.

Anna Marie Milan
Product Marketing Manager @Safetica

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