Every good salesman knows that business is all about the relationship. That is why we, Safetica, sent our employees to travel across Latin America and meet ESET partners in person. How did it look like and what did we achieve?

To motivate and support business partners who are spread all over the world isn’t an easy task. But it is our number one concern. That is why our Global Business Development Manager Ota Cermak and Senior Technical Consultant and Project Leader Milos Blata took a roadtrip across LATAM to meet our ESET partners in person to help them understand Safetica DLP on the seminars and to enhance their sales and technical competences when it comes to Data Loss Prevention software.

What did we expect to achieve with Ota and Milos business travelling across LATAM?

    • To strenghten relationships with business partners
    • To enhance their sales and technical competences
    • To support them directly at the meetings with customers
    • To find out what our business partners need to satisfy their customers

First of all, Ota and Milos attended the LATAM Partner Conference of ESET. And this was amazing because they had an opportunity to meet all the ESET people and face-to-face discuss what they need to help with and to find out how to make our services for enterprise even better. „We learned how the business is made in LATAM, what are the actual needs of customers and what are the specialties of LATAM trade,“ said Ota.

It was also about networking a lot. As you can see in the picture we work with a smile on our faces all the time. Because doing business doesn’t have to be super formal all the time. Still you are talking to an actual person and how you’ll develop the relationship with your partner or your customer it really matters.

We enjoy every discussion with our partners and customers and every time we are trying to get the most out of these conversations to make our cooperation easier, beneficial and more joyful for all the participants.

After that they spent several days in Equador. There they held a seminar for ESET partners explaining more data classification and other technical features of Safetica DLP. „We joined ESET guys on six business meetings with customers and we were very pleased by their level of knowledge of Safetica DLP and their sales skills as well. The presentation was really great,“ appreciated Ota.

„It is nice to see that the time you invest into developing a relationship with your business partners actually is appreciated and payed back. We felt really welcomed and everybody cared so much about spending time with us and showing us the best of their country,“ said Ota. And the functional cooperation confirms also a year to year growth we made together with ESET.

But it wasn’t only all about work. Guys travelled quite a lot and got amazing experience. Stunning sceneries, great food, the best coffee, hospitable cheerful people… „The most incredible experience was when we were riding around Quito when suddenly the magic red full-moon appeared. 4000 metres above the sea, just watching this stunning scenery,“ pointed out Milos.

And the last but definitely not the least stop was Colombia. Also here Ota and Milos held a seminar about technical features and joined ESET partners on several meetings. „All in all we have found out how enthusiastic is Latin America about new technologies, how opened people are when it comes to implementing new technologies and how amazing, progressive and proactive are ESET guys in presenting Safetica DLP,“ praised ESET partners Ota and added that „we see a lot of partners all over the world getting more and more self-confident about Safetica solution and that’s why you can look forward to meet us on your events across the globe.

„We would like to thank to all our ESET partners for making our time in LATAM unforgettable,“ yours Ota and Milos.


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