Integrating Generative AI ("GenAI") tools has become the norm across a wide range of industries. These tools empower organizations to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and unlock new avenues of innovation. Yet, along with the potential benefits comes the need for companies to exercise meticulous oversight of the AI tools used within their environment.

Safetica uses two approaches towards managing the use of GenAI tools within an organization. These approaches categorize GenAI tool-related websites and provide distinct ways to monitor and control usage.

Proactive Blocking

Safetica ONE takes a proactive stance on managing GenAI tool usage. When a user visits a website categorized as a GenAI tool, it immediately signals that a GenAI tool has been utilized within the company. This transparency enables organizations to stay informed about their employees' tools and promotes responsible usage.

Moreover, Safetica ONE can block access to these websites with just a few clicks. If a company deems specific GenAI tools incompatible with its operations, it can swiftly restrict access, ensuring compliance with its data security policies.

Risk Assessment and Insight into User Behavior

Safetica NXT, our cloud-based DLP, adopts a risk-based approach to GenAI tool management. It recognizes that visiting GenAI tool-related websites can potentially pose a risk to an organization. While it doesn't offer the blocking feature that the proactive approach does, it excels at providing in-depth insights into users' web activity.

When an employee visits a GenAI tool-related website, Safetica NXT identifies it as risky web activity. This categorization is then visualized as an issue within the environment. This system allows organizations to track potentially risky behavior, providing a foundation for further investigation or training initiatives.

Furthermore, Safetica understands that not all AI tool usage is inherently harmful. It distinguishes between genuine use for work-related purposes and potential security breaches, offering a more nuanced understanding of the situation.

Effectively managing AI tool usage within an organization is crucial for maintaining data security and compliance with industry regulations. DLP offers distinct approaches, providing companies the tools to make informed decisions about GenAI tool integration.

By leveraging Safetica's proactive blocking or risk assessment and visualization capabilities, organizations can enhance their data security posture and ensure responsible AI tool usage in the workplace. With the right strategy, businesses can confidently harness the power of GenAI tools while safeguarding sensitive information.

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Anna Marie Milan
Product Marketing Manager @Safetica

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