Suntex Pte, Ltd. is an apparel manufacturing company from Cambodia with over 30 years of experience. After the company replaced their previous data loss prevention solution with Safetica, the number of data security incidents was reduced to zero.

Suntex Pte serves global sports apparel brands, so their data on product design, manufacturing processes, and customers is extremely valuable.

The company wasn’t happy with their previous data loss prevention solution provider. With help from their system integrator, Suntex chose Safetica, because it met their primary data needs: data security audit, endpoint data protection, and performance monitoring. 

The implementation process took three months, and Safetica has proven to be a very reliable product.

Since we’ve implemented Safetica, the number of data security incidents has been reduced to zero.

Keo Sopheak, IT officer

Dita Eckhardtova

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