"The analysis of user activities with data is extremely accurate in Safetica." - Cooperative Bank in Mszana Dolna

Banking in Mszana Dolna has roots tracing back to the early 20th century. With over a century of operational history, the bank provides its clients with a strong sense of stability and security. Maintaining this trust is a top priority. The Cooperative Bank extends its services across the Małopolska province, offering access to 11 modern branches. Regularly expanding its product line, the bank caters to a diverse clientele, including small and large businesses, local governments, associations, and numerous individual clients.

The Cooperative Bank of Mszana Dolna is constantly introducing new technological solutions to improve operational efficiency, as well also to maximize the security of the organization. One of the latest innovations in the bank's digital architecture was the implementation of Safetica to further secure sensitive customer data, such as client names, PESEL numbers and account numbers.

“Data is an invaluable asset of the 21st century, and we treat all information that concerns our customers similarly. The banking sector must be extremely sensitive to processing. Therefore, in addition to applying appropriate security policies, we have also relied on automation and digital supervision of work with data collected in our bank," says Marek Gach, Vice President of the Management Board of the Cooperative Bank in Mszana Dolna, who oversees the IT area.

“We considered DLP software from different vendors and ultimately chose Safetica for our bank after careful consideration. Initially, we explored its competitive range of functionalities, and we proceeded to test a trial version. Through testing, we observed that Safetica's analysis of user activities with data is remarkably accurate, which we see as a crucial advantage for our needs,” Marek Gach stresses.

User-Friendly Console for Quick Analysis

Cyber security specialists at The Cooperative Bank of Mszana Dolna emphasize that being able to oversee user activities is an essential part of their work.

"We have analyzed our employees' online traffic before, but we wanted to streamline the process. Safetica has a highly intuitive administration console. All the information relevant to us is consolidated in one place, so we can easily observe and analyze it. This significantly facilitates our daily work," says an employee of the bank's IT Service Team.

Minimizing Human Error and Mitigating Insider Risks

The Cooperative Bank in Mszana Dolna points out that Safetica also has educational value for employees.

In managing a sensitive organization like the bank’s, we have to acknowledge the probability of human error. Awareness of such a risk motivates us to establish an ongoing process of supervision and implement organizational and technical changes.

Through testing, we've found that Safetica plays a crucial role by promptly informing employees about the reasons behind their inability to perform certain activities. This significantly reduces the risk of data leakage or improper data processing. Messages and warnings regarding actions such as moving, copying, and deleting data not only serve as alerts but also have an educational impact on system users. The aim is to have well-informed employees who actively contribute to the security of our organization.

Every cybersecurity measure and solution serves a dual purpose: ensuring customer confidence that their money and data are secure in our bank. Safetica provides this assurance,”

concludes the bank's Executive Vice President.

Safetica team

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