Our client, Elliptic, specializes in blockchain analytics for financial crime compliance, offering clients a comprehensive view of risk by tracing transactions across the crypto ecosystem. Their chain-agnostic screening solution scales risk assessment programmatically and visualizes cross-chain and cross-asset transfers on a single graph, setting them apart in the industry. That is why in the world of cryptocurrency, where ensuring financial crime compliance is a top priority for organizations, they need a solid DLP solution.


Elliptic faced a significant challenge in finding a DLP that could cover all their needs. They required an end-point agent that would provide comprehensive coverage, allowing for greater control and security. Prior to partnering with Safetica, they had no effective DLP solution in place.


To address their challenges, Safetica conducted a thorough Data Security Audit and implemented our DLP solution, which offered endpoint data protection and enterprise features. The decision to choose our solution was driven by very friendly and accommodating staff, and effective performance. 

The deployment process was quick, taking only a few hours, with minor troubleshooting and configuration taking a couple of days. In the result, our solution seamlessly integrated with their endpoints, causing no performance issues, and provided pop-up messages to users for blocking or warning purposes. It also covered essential applications like Whatsapp, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

A cost-effective DLP solution that does what it's supposed to do, without any measurable impact on the performance of your endpoints.

Petros Kyrkilis, Head of Information Security


The implementation of Safetica immediately reduced internal risks for Elliptic. Over time, as they gathered tangible metrics, they were able to further decrease risks from high to low levels. The solution proved to be not only cost-effective, but also enabled Elliptic to impress financial institution clients by the demonstration of enhanced data security measures.

Since adopting our DLP, Elliptic reported zero data security incidents, showcasing the effectiveness of the solution with minimal infrastructure requirements.

Elliptic's success story showcases the transformative power of DLP in the realm of financial crime compliance. By implementing our lightweight and comprehensive solution, they were able to significantly reduce internal risk and eliminate data security incidents. Our partnership with Elliptic exemplifies the effectiveness and value of Safetica in the ever-evolving landscape of data discovery and data protection in blockchain industry.

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