Safetica 7 brings many new features and improvements which focus on simple deployment and a better user experience. The most notable are:

    • Brand new WebSafetica
    • Brand new Deployment Wizard, with redesigned UI and setup
    • Brand new encryption features for external devices
    • Single installation package for Safetica and Safetica Auditor
    • Optimization of secondary features

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WebSafetica is a new Safetica application which provides a new, faster way to discover what is happening in your organization. WebSafetica runs on an IIS web server (included in Windows 7 and newer), and can be installed automatically during initial deployment, or on a previously installed version of Safetica 7.

WebSafetica does not replace the desktop-based Safetica application for client management and deployment.

Get more details on WebSafetica in this blog post or try WebSafetica's demo version.

Express Installation and Deployment Wizard

Instalator Safetica


You can now install Safetica 7 in three easy steps. The default installation contains an MS SQL Express server. If you choose to install WebSafetica, it will configure the MS IIS web server for you as well.

When you start desktop-based Safetica for the first time, you will be guided through a checklist for initial configuration – from setting a new password for the default Safetica account, to installing first clients and entering the product license. Two default configuration templates for basic and advanced monitoring are also included. These can be enabled immediately after completing the wizard.

All of this makes installation easy, even for companies without a dedicated IT administrator.

Note: The complete installation may take up to 40-60 minutes depending on your server’s performance and may require a restart of the server.

Learn more about the quick deployment of Safetica 7.

New Encryption of External Devices


Safetica 7 adds new Device Encryption that works alongside the Disk Encryption. Device Encryption gives you the option to encrypt USB devices using BitLocker (available in Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 8 and newer), while Safetica takes care of security key management and recovery. You can find this new feature in the DLP module.


Single Installation Package

Safetica 7 and Safetica Auditor (originally Safetica Insight) are no longer two separate packages. When you buy Safetica Auditor, you will get the same console as with the full Safetica 7, with access to the Auditor module. This in fact adds some features for existing Auditor customers, because there are less limitations within the Auditor module.

We have also taken steps to make Safetica Auditor easier to use, with a single-screen configuration where you see all settings at once.

Adding new modules into Safetica Auditor is now as easy as entering a new license number.

Optimization of Secondary Features

In Safetica 7, we have optimized selected features that are not directly related to DLP or security in order to improve their stability and reliability. This includes removal of unused features such as export and import of layouts and web control using key words. Print control was simplified by removing inherently unreliable features that depended on hardware and drivers out of our control – the result is a Print Control you can rely on.

End-user UI

The design and usability of messages which pop up on secured endpoint machines were further improved in this version, as was memory consumption. This goes hand in hand with support for terminal servers. Administrators will appreciate quicker generation of secure keys with the same level of security.

Other Changes and Improvements

    • Official support for Windows 10
    • New design of the user interface that matches WebSafetica
    • Simplified categorization of web pages and applications to avoid conflicting entries
    • New intelligent DB backup plans on SQL Server
    • New email parser with improved support for IceWarp and other non-Outlook clients
    • Improved DLP logic with enhanced support for MS Outlook, Autodesk AutoCad/Inventor, and other business solutions
    • Improved support for cloud drives (Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox)
    • Increased network performance
    • … and over 500 other improvements and fixes

Ladislav MlcakWritten by Ladislav Mlcak, Head of Support @Safetica Technologies

Ladislav’s motto at work and in life is simplicity. Aiming to make our customers feel as comfortable as possible when using Safetica, he often gives our dev teams a hard time. He rides a Honda and drives a Toyota. Did we mention he prefers reliability over glitter?

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