Now with over 300+ built-in templates in data classification and protection​ plus an improved easy-to-use navigation.

With the most recent changes to our cloud-native DLP solution, Safetica NXT continues its commitment to simplicity and automation. With a pre-configured environment that houses hundreds of new data definitions and specific regional settings, Safetica NXT allows for fast adoption. Smart auto-detection of risk, continuous auto-definition of your company’s safe digital workspace, auto-generated security reports, and automated incident management – all support a simple-to-manage system with no compromise on reliability.

This experience is made seamless thanks to the new easy-to-use navigation in Safetica NXT – which provides a centralized and intuitive interface to analyze, manage endpoints & workspaces, set policies, and maintain the entire system.

Let’s take a closer look.

The analyze section:

The Dashboard is your homepage with a mix of key security and maintenance info. See the most important issues, quickly assess the situation, and take appropriate action.

In Data security, you can check risky events that happened in your company. To increase efficiency and save your time, we offer risk levels, sensitivity labels, and mass events.

In Applications and websites, you can find info about the launched apps, websites visited and the active time users spent in them. Find out if illegal or dangerous apps and websites were used or if expensive apps are utilized effectively.

In User behavior, you can see allthe users that signed in to a protected endpoint in the last 30 days. You can see their user risk, assessment of their activities, which apps and websites they use the most, or which user group they belong to.

The manage section: 

Workspace detects changes in your environment and creates a smart, secure perimeter for efficient control of your company. See which websites, emails, and USBs are considered safe, and decide if any of them are not to be trusted.

In Protection, you can enforce the protection of your sensitive data and adjust data flow in your company. You can control how the impact policies affect end users by notifying them about undesirable actions or completely blocking such activities.

Data classification is vital for effective data protection. Our pre-defined data categories reflect important regulatory areas and can be enhanced with keywords, regexes, and detection algorithms. Adjust them to reflect your region.

In Endpoints, you can download the Safetica NXT installer and also manage and troubleshoot enrolled endpoints.

UPDATE as April 2024: Safetica merged its product offerings into a single data security solution. The unified Safetica brings together the best features of Safetica ONE and Safetica NXT, offering simplified deployment options in the cloud or on-premises. This single product combines Data Loss Prevention (DLP) with Insider Risk Management (IRM) as well as extending protective measures across endpoint and cloud environments.

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Anna Marie Milan
Product Marketing Manager @Safetica

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