Safetica NXT, a cloud-native Insider Threat Prevention solution provided as a service, gets dynamic data protection. It also comes with a self-managed mode, which opens this next-gen cloud data security solution to "non-MSP" business partners and provides end-customers with full control over their environment and maximum privacy. 

Safetica NXT now enables you to enforce data protection policies and restrict employees from leaking your company’s sensitive data. The Insider Threat Prevention solution provided from the secured cloud as a managed service is becoming available also as a self-managed service with dynamic Data Loss Prevention (DLP) features. 

Protection mode with Dynamic DLP

In Safetica NXT’s protection mode*, you can either silently log events, notify employees about the potential risk of an operation and leave it up to them to decide on the next steps, or block the operation to prevent sensitive data from leaving the endpoint device.

New DLP features leverage dynamic digital workspace detection and adaptive data protection. The definition of a company’s safe digital workspace, a vital part of the DLP protection, is being continuously adjusted according to users’ behavior to ensure high security and low-maintenance administration.

Still SaaS but also self-managed

Safetica NXT, with its multitenant architecture, continues to be a cloud-based service that offers core discovery and protection scenarios based on best data security practices.

MSP-managed service is now expanding to include a self-managed mode for customers who prefer maintaining control over their configuration, management, and reporting.

Safetica resellers will now be able to easily turn off the managed mode from the partner’s central management console. Resellers can use the managed mode for pre-configuration and customer guidance through the trial​ period. After switching to "self-managed", the partner can still see all his customers in the central management console.

The customers still do not need any dedicated hardware infrastructure or additional IT/security staff to manage their data protection. But in self-managed mode, they can do the necessary management on their own and have maximum privacy guaranteed.

Safetica NXT remains a risk-driven SaaS with quick deployment, unmatched time to value, and low maintenance required, thanks to our focus on maximum automation and machine learning.

New features are coming to the market on the 25th of January 2022. Subscriptions are available through our Safetica channel partners. There’s still the same (monthly/yearly) pay-as-you-go billing model for self-managed customers as for those managed by MSPs. 

*DLP/protection rules are currently available only for Windows environments.

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Jan Mazal
Sr. Product Marketing Manager @Safetica

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