Safetica 5, the flagship DLP/monitoring solution from Safetica Technologies, is present at GITEX in partnership with Advanced Business Solutions MENA Fzco.

Safetica 5 is data security software for the human element, giving companies oversight over their data and those working with it through a seamless merging of activity monitoring, data use restrictions, and Data Loss Prevention functionalities.

The human element – accidental or malicious actions by people inside an organization – is the primary cause of data leaks. While threats from external threats such as hackers and malware get the media attention, Ponemon Research calculated the threats from insiders topped external risks by a 4:1 ratio, with 80% of all threats to data security coming from inside a company and only 20% from external sources.

Data is protected via the Safetica endpoint client installed on workstation computers, securing data on individual computers and the company network. From this position, Safetica covers all channels through which data can escape such as emails, printers, and memory sticks. A unique Safetica DLP sandbox technology protects data use by all applications, without requiring system administers to add specific services and simplifying the installation process.

The ability of Safetica to monitor and control activities at the endpoint computer level enables companies to detect and avert security threats at an early stage. “By looking at user activities such as unusual data access and collection, Safetica can help identify high-risk cases. In addition, discovering unsecure data handling processes or restricting unproductive internet use pays benefits in the long run,” added Mr. Mahdal.

Safetica Technologies is represented in the region by Advanced Business Solutions MENA Fzco, a leading provider of integrated business security, management and communication solutions.

“MENA internet user base is growing – it’s now up to 90 million people – 39% of the population – and the process is accelerating according to For businesses, this means both new opportunities and challenges to keep their data secure and their employees on task,” stated Rami Mardini, director of ABS. “Ipsos research has showed social media use ranges from 88% to 47% of the online population by country and , we see potential for Safetica to help companies protect their data and enforce the division between private activities and productive work.”

For more information about Safetica 5 and its role in your organization, go to the Advanced Business Solutions exhibit at GITEX, Hall 1 112 from October 20-24.

Safetica team

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