Safetica is thrilled to announce the acquisition of 13 new badges in the G2 2024 Winter Awards. These accolades, received from the esteemed platform G2, are a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in the realm of Data Loss Prevention and Data Discovery. 

Leading the Charge in Data Security

In the ever-evolving landscape of data security, Safetica proudly maintains its position as a leader in Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Data Discovery solutions. These new badges serve as a recognition of our continuous efforts to provide cutting-edge solutions that safeguard sensitive information while facilitating efficient data discovery processes.

Global Recognition, Local Impact

This year marks a significant stride for Safetica, as our influence extends globally. The G2 2024 Winter Awards acknowledge our contributions not only on a local scale but also across diverse regions. We are proud to be recognized as a key player in the international arena, further solidifying our commitment to securing data on a global scale.



Tailored Solutions for Small Businesses

While expanding our reach globally, we remain dedicated to being a solid and reliable solution for small businesses. The new badges highlight our effectiveness in providing top-notch data security solutions tailored to the unique needs of small enterprises. Our proven track record showcases that whether you're a multinational corporation or a burgeoning startup, Safetica is your trusted partner in data protection.

We are thrilled and humbled to share our achievement in the latest G2 Winter report where, yet again, Safetica has demonstrated exceptional performance in both Data Loss Prevention and Sensitive Data Discovery. We extend our deepest gratitude to our incredible customers and partners for their ongoing trust and support. Clearly, Safetica continues to be the trusted solution for safeguarding sensitive data.

Mirek Kren, CEO of Safetica

A Future of Secure Data Awaits

As we celebrate the acquisition of these 13 new badges, Safetica reiterates its commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in Data Loss Prevention and Data Discovery. We extend our gratitude to our clients and partners for their continued trust, and we invite businesses of all sizes to join us on this journey towards a future of secure and empowered data management.

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