2017 has brought us new faces, business partners, GDPR buzz and product improvements. Join us in looking back at our achievements and find out what´s ahead for Safetica in 2018.

We have evolved our Safetica DLP

We continue to improve our product and we’re grateful for all the feedback that we’re receiving from you, our customers and partners. We have released several new versions of Safetica DLP throughout the year. The latest Safetica 7.8 brings search for sensitive content that helps you identify important documents and fulfill GDPR requirements, as well as higher performance and better protection for Office 365. Safetica now speaks Polish as well as English, Czech and Spanish.

What else can Safetica 7.8 do?

Safetica did well

We have focused on growing our partner network to bring the best possible treatment to our customers around the world. We have started new cooperation with companies in e.g. Russia and Poland. We’ve partnered with law firm SEDLAKOVA LEGAL and with Konica Minolta to cooperate on GDPR, to help you the most with preparations for this strictest personal data protection regulation.

Who’s behind all of it

We have added 14 new colleagues to our team. We wish all new members of our team all the best and we’re happy to see them thrive in Safetica. We’ll do great things together!

You should know that Matej Zachar who is well known as our leading expert in data security and GDPR has been promoted to the position of CSO (Chief Security Officer). This does not change the fact that you will continue to meet him at conferences, seminars and workshops. Congratulations!

What’s ahead of Safetica in 2018?

Where can we meet

We have a busy schedule of events, conferences, seminars and webinars. We already know for sure that we will be present at IT Security Workshop, we’ll hold a presentation in JIC about how we made it from Brno into the world, and we’ll participate on Czechitas events, because we need more women in IT!

GDPR – it doesn’t end

A big topic of 2018 continues to be GDPR. You can rely on us to help you wherever we can. Not just with our webinars and other events, but also with our services. It’s not the only big topic in the world of data protection. We’re working to make Safetica suited for other challenges and legislation such as the Australian Amendment Privacy Act.

How can we help you with GDPR?

New version of Safetica DLP

We continue to improve Safetica DLP, so you can expect several new versions this year too. The biggest one is Safetica 8.0 and it’s coming soon. Follow our blog or social networks to have all the news first hand.

Work with us!

Revenue growth comes hand in hand with personal development. That’s why we’re looking for more enthusiastic colleagues who will enjoy working on data security solutions as much as we do. Right now we’d like to fill these roles: Support Engineer, UX Designer and Backend Developer.

You can never have enough great business partners and that’s why we continue to look for new companies to work with and represent us anywhere in the world.

Become our partner!

It’s without a doubt that we have a successful year ahead of us. Be there with us! Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and on this blog. We have many news in the store so stay tuned, we’re just getting started!

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The Safetica team is on the road

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