Find and tag data easily for GDPR

We have enhanced data tagging with a content-based analysis. This will help you to find your sensitive data and protect it – making easy to fulfill GDPR or any data protection requirements. The best time to use this feature is to audit your files for sensitive content.

Sensitive data discovery will be of a great importance because of the GDPR. You may want to read more about this particular feature.

I sure want to!

Better look at tagged data

Data analysis returns many results in any company. We have enhanced basic statistics, but also restricted the maximum number of results to 10.000 records. This makes the results easier to read while reducing database size.

Find sensitive content in emails

Safetica can newly discover defined sensitive content in emails. The user is informed when he tries to send such email and if he decides to send it, an audit log is stored in the DLP protocol.

Better, more accurate Office 365 DLP

Audit Office 365 file shares, even without a client on the endpoint – simply by configuring your WebSafetica. Or just differentiate between a OneDrive for personal or business use.

I will read more about Office 365 protection

50% faster network inspection

An overhauled network layer has not only sped up the inspection and reduced network slowdown, but also improved compatibility with 3rd party applications.

Comparison of web page loading speed using various versions of Safetica.

Improved WebSafetica

Web-based Safetica console now offers basic administration tools – add new clients, update the product, insert new license or categorize unknown webs and apps.

New possibilities with MS SQL 2016

MS SQL Server version 2016 allows us to reduce the database size by 60 % and increase the database performance. We have included MS SQL 2016 Express into our installation package and it is used for express installation by default now. Just keep in mind that you will need at least a 64-bit Windows Server 2012 to take advantage of these improvements.

What else can Safetica 7.8 do faster?

That’s not all!

    • Safetica is more user-friendly and has batter DLP performance, especially when working with clipboard, drag&drop or MS Outlook.
    • Data Flow audit is improved with Safetica Auditor thanks to feedback from hundreds of customers. Number of records is reduced to 10 % while monitoring all incoming and outgoing data, as well as other important file operations.
    • We have removed difficult DLP protocol configuration. The protocol now shows all important information in a readable form, and without cluttering the database. It however still contains all records related to a data or application policy, email incidents and sensitive content.
    • We have reworked the Data Flow section of WebSafetica to help us control data coming to, as well as leaving the company.
    • WebSafetica database size was reduced by 25 % – 40 %.
    • The most frequent administrative tasks were automated or simplified.
    • IPv6 environment is now fully supported.
    • MS Edge with non-ASCII URL’s is now supported, too.

Do you want to know how Safetica looks like? How it can help you? And what overview you are going to have with it?

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Safetica team

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