Safetica 9.0 – Discover Security Issues
It is becoming more and more difficult to maintain a secure working environment. The new version of Safetica was designed with IT administrators in mind, because they are the ones who need to know exactly what’s going on in the security of their organization, so they can immediately resolve any problems. Safetica 9.0 reveals security issues quickly and easily.

Use security audit to improve data protection

Perform a complex cybersecurity analysis of your company environment with Safetica. You will discover whether the company is well protected or if there are gaps in security measures. This analysis includes, among other things, an evaluation of:
  • how many corporate devices are protected,
  • whether and how sensitive company data is defined,
  • what destinations are safe for sensitive files,
  • which communication channels are allowed and forbidden for transmitting sensitive data,
  • whether abnormal or risky situations are present in the data flow,
  • which risky applications and websites are being used,
  • how the company’s IT resources are used,
  • whether the business environment is up to date.
Once you have the analysis, you can effectively decide what action to take to increase sensitive data protection. In Safetica 9.0 you will find improvements that will help you with that.

How will Safetica 9.0 help with a security audit?

Advanced First Run Wizard

In the Safetica First Run Wizard, an IT administrator or other responsible person enters their e-mail to receive appropriate alerts. As a result, they can quickly respond to problems and evaluate security situations.
safetica settings

Entering the contact for appropriate alerts during Safetica 9.0 First Run Wizzard

Setting the basic security rules comes next. These include safe zones, sensitive content and blocking risky websites or applications.
safetica settings

Setting the basic security rules in Safetica 9.0

You can always change your settings later to fit your organization’s needs. The advantage of the initial setup is that Safetica will immediately evaluate a company’s potentially risky activities with sensitive files.

Customized dashboard in WebSafetica

Once you run WebSafetica 9.0, the main dashboard provides more detailed information. Discover whether there are any security issues on any of the communication channels or if the data flow deviates significantly from the norm. Now you can also see how Safetica is protecting the data environment.

Customized dashboard in WebSafetica

Security Issues

WebSafetica 9.0 has a new Security issues feature. Thanks to this new feature, administrators can quickly and comprehensively prioritize security situations. Security issues feature is interactive and allows you to quickly filter the data involved. With one click, you can see the corresponding graphs and specific records from which you can easily draw conclusions.
security issues

New Security issues feature in WebSafetica 9.0

How to identify risky situations

In a security analysis, it is critical to have enough information to properly evaluate an organization’s data flow:
  • How did data flow through each channel and were there any significant deviations?
  • Were sensitive files transferred through a selected channel or to a safe destination?
  • Do non-sensitive files need to be re-evaluated?
  • Do outgoing types of files deviate from the norm?
  • Do any employees exceed limits on the amount or kind of files they send?
Due to the large amount of data generated by normal business operations, finding risky situations may be like finding a needle in a haystack. That’s why WebSafetica 9.0 makes it very easy to interpret data and identify risky situations. Interactive charts guide you and help filter outgoing file records. You simply focus on the deviations and outbound data you’re interested in and intuitively filter graphs to find what you’re looking for. Let’s take a look at how you can easily access this information with WebSafetica 9.0: identify security issues

With Safetica 9.0 you are protected immediately

Safetica 9.0 will help you accurately define which sensitive data you need to protect. Because it is easy to understand the security issues, you can easily identify where critical file protection is lacking. And with redesigned interactive charts, security analysis is a snap!

Do you want to try the newest version of Safetica 9.0 on your own? Our demo version is available to you.

Try it now!

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Author Vítězslav Janeček Head of Product Management @Safetica Technologies He dedicates most of his time to customers and partners. His knowledge is then passed on to developers to keep improving the Safetica service functions.

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  1. ngotri

    Hello safetica,

    I want to ask about auditor, how to remove log from auditor

    for example: in this function “Web sites” if I want to delete all logs, how i can do this

  2. Michael Skoupý

    Hello Ngotri,

    It is not possible to delete record only from specific part of Safetica. You can delete all record from Safetica (Auditor, DLP and Supervisor).
    Deleting is possible to set one time or periodically. Also you can specify how old data may by delete etc.
    You can find more information in Safetica – Maintenance – Database management. Where you can set the “Delete” task for the records.

    Is it helpful for you?

  3. Redentor Del Rosario

    How can you configure or manage to interface this with AIM, PAM, SIEM, SSO, and MFA products?

  4. Jiří Hošek

    Hello Redentor,

    Safetica supports SIEM, which can be connected with your IP address. Other security tools which you mentioned are not provided yet. If you have any specific demand, please let me know and maybe we can develop it into some of the next releases.

    Best regards

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