Safetica for macOS

Unify audit and management with macOS and Windows from one place

The auditing features on macOS operating system allows for a more complete understanding of your company operations. This, together with other Safetica products, means you can cover all parts of your company.

Monitor acitvity with company files

Monitor activity with files

Identified data-flow incidents
inside your company

Have a record
of file activity

Analyses user behavior
with sensitive files

Increase your margin

Audit the external devices

Audit the connected
external devices

Detect the files leaving
on unsecured devices

Manage the external devices
into company zones

Manager's dashboard

Objectively analyze user behavior

Identified hidden security risk by web and application usage analysis

See which employees are looking for a job and reduce the risks of data leaks

Software and hardware
analysis saves resources

The list of features:

  • File activity monitoring
  • External device usage
  • Web activity monitoring
  • Application activity monitoring
  • Website and application categorization
  • Reports and alerts
  • Central management from one console

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What do you need to run Safetica for MAC?
Safetica 9 DLP or higher macOS 10.10 or higher