Safetica for macOS

Audit and management for macOS and Windows in one place

Safetica auditing and protection features for macOS allow you to protect your data and give you a better understanding of your company processes on a new platform. With Safetica, you can see where your data flows and get an overview of potential security incidents. You can also disable the use of external devices or set them as read-only.

Monitor acitvity with company files

Audit file activity

Identify data flow incidents
within your company

Record file

Analyze the use of
sensitive files

Increase your margin

Manage external devices

Audit and control
connected external devices

Detect and block files from
being copied onto unsecured devices

Effectively control external devices
via company zones

Manager's dashboard

Behavior risk analysis

Discover undesirable activities and reduce the risks of data leaks

Software and hardware analysis saves resources

Protect employees’ privacy outside working hours

The list of features:

  • Audit and control of file operations
  • Usage and control of external devices
  • Web activity auditing
  • Application activity auditing
  • Reports and alerts
  • Central management from one console

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What do you need to run Safetica for macOS?
Safetica 9 or higher macOS 10.10 or higher