The Safetica blog is up and running. Just one month on and we already have articles on the new Spanish language version of Safetica, the viability of electronic evidence in the courts, and a quick look at  the new poster child of data insecurity and loss: Edward Snowden.  Our goal is to provide bite-sized bits of information about data security and Safetica on the four following topics:

    • Product news – News about Safetica features and updates. Links to YouTube training videos and more.
    • Legal news – Developments driven by ongoing changes to privacy and data security laws.
    • Data news – Comments about privacy, data protection, and leaks around the world with a look at how they technically happened.

Company blogs can easily be a fashion statement or a bombastic marketing tool. We plan something else: A place to highlight some of the technical aspects to Safetica, show off marketing tools and materials, and most importantly, talk about issues that clients are – or should – be thinking about.

Safetica team