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Topics: Data security

Data Loss Prevention in Logistics

In the logistics sector, DLP plays a pivotal role in securing the multiple data streams involved in supply chain operations. Learn how you can protect your data in logistics with Safetica.

Securing Slack: The Power of Data Loss Prevention

Slack has become the go-to cloud-based collaboration tool for companies of all sizes. Read how to secure Slack with Safetica.

Data Loss Prevention in Government

Governments house a wealth of sensitive information, from classified data to citizens' records. Explore the complex world of government data breaches and learn how data loss prevention protects governmental institutions.

Data Loss Prevention in Education

As schools increasingly turn to digital tools, keeping educational data safe becomes crucial. Read how educational institutions can implement data loss prevention (DLP) strategies to protect the privacy of their students, alumni, and staff.

Exploring Crypto Privacy: Safeguarding Your Cryptocurrency and Personal Information

Maintaining the trust of customers is one of the crucial activities for crypto providers. Protecting their sensitive data is key to sustainable business growth and customer satisfaction. Read more about the challenges in the crypto sphere and how to protect your data.

Data Loss Prevention in the Automotive Industry

What are the unique challenges that the automotive industry faces? Learn how to mitigate them and keep your data safe.

Data Loss Prevention in Fintech

Let's delve into the challenges fintech faces in keeping data secure and what steps companies can take to safeguard customer information.

Australian Privacy Principles: The Scope, Purpose, and How to Comply

The 13 Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) are the cornerstone of the country’s privacy protection framework under the Privacy Act 1988 and regulate the collection, usage, and disclosure of personal data, applying to both government and private sector organizations within Australia.

Data Loss Prevention in Insurance Institutions

Read about what insurance companies should be doing to prevent data loss and data regulations and compliance in the insurance industry.

Why Should the Manufacturing Industry Use DLP? Top 4 Reasons

In this article, we will give you valuable insights and actionable information that can help you make informed decisions about implementing DLP measures.

BYOD Security Policy: Top Risks, Pros & Cons, and Best Practices

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a business policy that allows employees to use their personal devices, such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets, for work purposes. Read how to create BYOD security policies.

The Dark Side of ChatGPT: How AI Poses a Threat to Data Security

In this article, we’ll explore some of the ways ChatGPT is used to help businesses, how it can be a threat to data security, and provide tips on how businesses can protect themselves.

Why Should Healthcare Institutions Use DLP? Top 4 Reasons

In this article, we'll explore why healthcare institutions need DLP solutions to keep up with the latest technical developments and ensure that patient data is secure.

Data Loss Prevention in the Manufacturing Industry

As manufacturers embrace digitization, cybercriminals are increasingly creative when targeting this high-value sector. From data loss to intellectual property theft, the damage can be severe and can affect both business operations and reputation. What can your business do to increase data loss protection?

Departing employees: How to set offboarding processes and policies

The risk posed by departing employees is often overlooked, yet it can be significant and detrimental to a company's data security. What should you consider in the employee offboarding process?

Teal Organisations and the Importance of Data Loss Prevention

Teal organizations are unique in that they prioritize self-management, wholeness, and evolutionary purpose over traditional hierarchical structures and top-down decision-making. Read how to protect data in Teal organizations.

Protect Your Business: Why Smaller Businesses Must Prevent Data Loss

SMBs tend to underestimate cyber security, however, data loss can have a devastating impact on these businesses. Implementing effective data protection strategies is easier and more cost-effective than ever before.

Top 4 reasons why financial institutions should use Safetica

One of the most vulnerable industries in the data protection realm is financial services. In the financial industry, the estimated average cost of a data breach was $5.97 million – the second highest only after the healthcare industry. That's not a small amount!

How to educate your employees about data security

Your employees need to live and breathe in a security-first mindset while they are working because that’s the only way to protect your organization’s, your partners’, and suppliers’ sensitive data. Let’s take a look at how to educate them effectively.  

Data Loss in Healthcare

There are a few best practices that companies from the healthcare sector can use to boost their data security (and patient trust) straight away, though – you’ll learn about those in this article. 

A successful anti-phishing campaign: What happens and how a DLP can help

Phishing is one of the top data breach originators, with losses caused by it in 2020 estimated at USD 1.8 billion, and putting in place a data loss protection solution should be a priority in every organization.

10+1 Tips to Secure Your Company’s Data on Business Trips

Do not forget about data security when you go on a business trip. Read our 10+1 tips and make sure your data and devices are safe.

5 Tips for IT Professionals: How to Help your Employees Work Safely

With the new approaches such as BYOD, hybrid workspace, and remote work, it is more likely to experience a data breach. Learn how you can help your employees to protect your data.

The Great Resignation as a Threat to Data Security

The Great Resignation is trend in which large numbers of employees have voluntarily been resigning from their jobs. Read how to prepare for the Great Resignation and not lose any data.

Data protection: All you need to know about data and why to protect it

Do you know where all your company’s data is and how it flows through your operations and processes? Read more about data protection – why it is important and how to do it best. 

2021 DLP Data Quadrant led by Safetica

SoftwareReviews named Safetica as award winner in 2021 Data Loss Prevention Data Quadrant. Get the in-depth report with DLP vendors comparison bellow.

DLP: How to prevent company data loss

How Safetica can help you to make sure your sensitive data such as personal data, strategic plans, customer databases, contracts etc. will not leave the company?

E-book: Protect Company Data in a Hybrid Work Environment

Companies use digital workspaces, flexible and remote work, and agile principles. Read our e-book and find out how to secure your data.

Download the Radicati Group Report: DLP Market Quadrant

Download the full report today, find out why Safetica is a proven leader and how its DLP solutions will help you prevent data loss and future-proof your business.

"Sometimes it is as much psychology as IT"

Zbyněk Sopuch, CTO of Safetica, explains how the DLP software is developed and what are the most important issues DLP needs to solve.

Ransomware spreads across Europe. You never know when it can attack. How to defend?

Once a ransomware is inside the system it is very difficult to get it out. And expensive. But actually it is quite easy (and not that expensive) to protect the company data from such attacks.

The risk of external devices

USB flash drives, external drives, cameras or mobile phones make it easy and comfortable to transfer important data. On the other hand, they also bring a couple of security problems that we shouldn’t overlook.

How we messed with boot-time drivers

One of our customers recently reported a problem with running our software in tandem with VMware vShield. Although the solution turned out to be quite simple, the investigation process revealed some interesting facts related to driver behavior at boot time.

6 key changes the new EU's General Data Protection Regulation brings

Although the Data Protection Regulation is not entering into force until 2018, taking steps to get your company protected against data leaks seems like a smart thing to do immediately.

Hazards to setting up semi-free Wi-Fi in the workplace

Semi-free Wi-Fi is where a company gives almost free Wi-Fi access to its employees – along with a few monitoring safeguards over what employees can download, access, and upload with their smartphones.

Social media in the office: Abstinence and “Be Nice” warnings are no cure

It's all about removing the uncertainty over social media use at the workplace. Social media isn't something to fight over. Feel free to use it, but just within the limits.

Edward Snowden: Where's the data?

It is not what Edward Snowden has said that has the United States government and its National Security Agency so nervous, it is what he has showed – or could still show – to other outside parties.