Data Loss Prevention: How Safetica helps you to protect your sensitive data

The most frequent causes of data leaks are human errors, problems in processes and disgruntled employees. Watch the video below and find out how Safetica can help you to make sure your sensitive data such as personal data, strategic plans, customer databases, contracts etc. will not leave the company.



What will you learn in the video:

  • How to limit the use of external devices
  • How to control upload to a personal mailbox, messenger, or file share website
  • How to handle specific sensitive data and restrict channels
  • How to integrate Safetica with O365

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They trust us with their security.

Why DLP is important: A few facts about Data Loss

  • 85% of companies experience a data breach 
  • $150.000 is the average cost of one data breach 
  • 280 days on average to find and contain a data breach 
  • 60% of small businesses will close within six months due to a major data leak
  • Only 5% of company’s folders are protected 

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Keep your data safe with Safetica: Here's what makes it so special

Expert solution to protect your data against insider threats

Safetica protects valuable data against human error and malicious intent. It detects problems and actively prevents leaks.

Hassle-free data securitywith great time-to-value

Our solution doesn't create extra hassle for employees or the IT department, and it's time-to-value is unbeatable.

Seamless integration to your existing ecosystems

We protect data on all endpoints, all devices, all major operating systems and the cloud, perimeters and internal zones.

Protect your company against data loss and insider threat with Safetica.

We help you understand security risks of your company and walk you through benefits of Safetica solutions.

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