Webinar: Urgent Need to Protect the Most Critical Business Assets: Data & People

In the on-demand webinar created with Kuppingercole Analysts, you will find out how to discover potential data breaches, why to protect data throughout its life cycle, and why the number of insider threats is rising.

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      Meet the speakers

      John Tolbert
      Lead Analyst at KuppingerCole

      explains the causes and consequences of data leaks and outlines the security benefits of robust architectures designed to protect information across its life cycle and DLP tools that feature sensitive data discovery, internal risk analysis, and policy enforcement.  

      Kristin Brennan
      Channel Development Manager at Safetica

      explains why insider threats are rising, the value of automated internal risk analysis and insider threat protection, and how organizations can prevent data leakage through the rapid deployment of data classification and protection, risk analysis of every file operation, and guidance of employees on security policies. 

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      Here's what you will find out: 

        • Learn about the rising threats to data, including the insider threat. 
        • Understand the importance of comprehensive, but fast-to-deploy data protection.
        • Discover the benefits of protecting data throughout its life cycle. 
        • Understand the role of DLP technologies in enforcing security policies and preventing major data breaches. 
        • Learn how to discover and prevent insider threats before they turn into security incidents. 

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