After long 9 years, a new version of the international standard for information security ISO 27001 will soon be released. The simultaneous publication of ISO 27002 outlines the 11 new requirements that all companies with ISO 27001 certification must meet if they want to maintain their certificates and details how to fulfill them.

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Data Leakage Prevention Requirement  

One of these 11 new requirements is Data Leakage Prevention, which requires companies to protect their information and data from unauthorized disclosure. Moreover, any incidents must be detected in a timely manner.

To comply with this requirement, companies will need the proper tools. DLP solutions are the greatest way to both protect company data and adhere to the new ISO 27001/27002 Data Leakage Prevention Requirement.

Safetica protects data and information effortlessly 

Safetica can recognize and classify sensitive or confidential information and provide reports on how data is processed. Based on this classification you can apply DLP policies and manage user behavior. In case of security incidents or data leakage, Safetica notifies you in real-time, so you can respond immediately.  

More than 14 years of experience with Data Leakage Prevention 

Data Leakage Prevention has been at the heart of our business for more than a decade, and thanks to our customers we know what the biggest challenges in data protection are. Safetica is among the best DLP solution providers, and customers especially appreciate how easy it is to use and how well we support them.

Radim Trávníček
Chief Information Security Officer @Safetica

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