The start of 2023 was a success for Safetica, as the solution received several new badges from peer review sites and appeared in the Emerging Favorite quadrant of top DLP solutions. Safetica received badges from Capterra, Sourceforge, Slashdot, and GetApp – platforms that gather user reviews – and we are proud that our users have given us positive feedback.

Winter 2023 Top Performer

Because our Safetica solution is generating such great user reviews, we’ve received a Slashdot Top Performer Winter 2023 badge and a SourceForge Winter 2023 Top Performer badge. On these platforms, Safetica received an average rating of 4.7 stars, and 4.8 stars in the Features and Design categories.

What our users shared on SourceForge and Slashdot

      • “An Effective Tool for Preventing Data Loss and Online Threats.”
      • “Best DLP in market.”
      • “Protect your internal data with a good tool.”
      • “Quick & Easy product.”


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    Safetica is a leader in Endpoint Protection Software

    Based on the reviews from last year, GetApp and Capterra created a shortlist of Endpoint Protection Software.

    GetApp placed Safetica fourth, with a rating of 4.7 stars based on 77 reviews. Capterra shortlisted Safetica in their Emerging Favorites quadrant, which consists of products that users are highly satisfied with but are not yet a well-known brand.

     What our users shared on GetApp and Capterra

      • “Data loss prevention and protection from endpoints is easiest than ever! Go for Safetica!”
      • “Master security software for endpoint management and data loss prevention. Best of all!”
      • “Excellent solution for a fair price.”
      • “Great software and highly functional.”


    We are proud that Safetica belongs among the top DLP providers. Our goal is to deliver an easy-to-use DLP solution that makes business easier, and it is a great accomplishment to know that our customers see and appreciate our values.”

    Richard Brulík
    CEO of Safetica

    Kristýna Svobodová
    Content Strategist @Safetica

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