Data Discovery and Classification

          • Discover your sensitive data
          • Find out where it is vulnerable
          • Take steps to protect it

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    Data Discovery and Classification

            • Discover your sensitive data
            • Find out where it is vulnerable
            • Take steps to protect it

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      Security-centric data classification 

      Data is your most valuable asset, but not all data is created equal. Discover and decide which data is sensitive and needs protection.  

      Keep sensitive data in the spotlight and never let it out of your sight, no matter where it is stored or transferred. 

      Why data classification? 

      Data classification, together with a user activity and workspace audit, is the first step in delivering modern data security and a key element in efficient data loss prevention (DLP) and insider threat protection (ITP). Data classification can help you: 

      • Comply with security regulations and standards like GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and others.
      • Protect the CVs of job applicants, invoices, documents with sensitive customer or vendor data, or the sensitive data of patients.
      • Protect engineering drawings that can't be defined by text content.
      • Block or allow the transfer of specific file types.


      4 steps to data security

      To protect sensitive data from leaving your company, you first have to define what you actually consider sensitive. Any DLP and ITP solution worthy of its name is based on the following key steps: 



      Discover where your sensitive data is stored, transferred, or created. Get a quick overview of all activities in your company. Analyze internal risks and understand what is happening on any platform in real-time.


      Recognize which data is sensitive and classify it into categories. Assess how risky individual operations are and get more context about them (such as who accessed the data and what actions they performed).


      Protect the discovered and classified sensitive data with policies and rules. You can either notify the user that they are working with sensitive data, record the action, or completely block it. 


      Be notified about any policy violations or suspicious activities with sensitive data via real-time alerts. Find out where to watch out for possible data leaks with summary reports.

      Classifying data in motion

      Safetica goes much further than most classification tools and protects not only data at rest but also data in motion. Besides classifying files already stored on endpoints and in network file share, Safetica also performs data classification directly during user operations.

      Data in motion

      Safetica can classify files directly during user operations, such as exports, uploads and downloads, opening files, copying files to a different path, uploading files via web browsers, sending files via email or IM apps, and others.

      Data at rest

      Safetica can search for sensitive files in selected folders on endpoints and in network shares.


      Safetica's unified data classification

      Safetica combines many different data classification technologies and approaches. Thanks to our unified system, we can target our data protection much more granularly based on the needs of each specific customer. For example, we can protect PDF files stored on network shares which contain certain keywords in a completely different manner than other PDFs.


      Content inspection

      • Scanned PDF documents
      • OCR
      • Images with texts
      • Built-in regional and industry templates
      • Custom keyword dictionaries
      • Regular expressions & keywords


      Content-aware approach

      • AutoCAD exports
      • CRM exports
      • Files stored on network file share
      • Files stored on endpoints
      • Files classified by users themselves


      Classification based on file properties

      • AIP labels
      • File attributes
      • Spreadsheet files

      Integration with third-party solutions

      Are you already using another data classification tool, but still want Safetica for its DLP and ITP features? No problem at all – Safetica can integrate with your data classification solution and provide security on top of the already classified files. Safetica is universally compatible with tools that store classification information in document properties.  

      We have specifically confirmed compatibility with: 

      Microsoft Azure Information Protection 

      Boldon James


      Tukan GREENmod 


      We offer two solutions that can help you with data discovery and classification

      Protect your data and support regulatory compliance with internal security risk detection and incident investigation.

      Get dynamic data loss prevention and go beyond to include early insider threat detection and mitigation. The only on-premise and hybrid cloud data security solution designed for scalability.