Security Vulnerability Report

Help us find our weaknesses

Did you find any security issue in Safetica? Send us an email to A good security issue report needs to contain sufficient description.
Please include these information:
  • Highlight one: Customer / Internal [customer_name]
  • Safetica version:
  • OS, version and build: Windows [X], version [YYYY], build [ZZZZ.ZZZ]
  • Antivirus brand and version: [AV], version [X]
  • Detailed issue description:
  • Reproduction time:
  • Number of affected endpoints:
  • Verbose logs of Safetica
  • Additional information video, URL, link, additional log files etc.
  • Reproducible? NO/YES – Always, Sometimes, Random
We investigate every security vulnerability report very seriously and we are committed to thoroughly resolving any issues in a timely manner.


Thank you for your participation!