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1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files saved by a website on your computer or mobile device when you start using the website. For a certain period of time, the website will thus remember your preferences and steps you have taken (e.g., login details, language, font size and other display preferences), so that you need not enter the data again and go from one page to another.

2. Why do we use cookies?

Our website, just like almost all websites, use cookies to provide you with the best possible user experience. Specifically, our cookies help us:

  • Operate our website as you would expect;
  • Speed up and better secure our website;
  • Enable you to share posts on social networks;
  • Constantly improve our website;
  • Make our marketing more efficient.

We do not use cookies for:

  • Collecting any sensitive data;
  • Transferring personal data to third parties; or
  • Obtaining any commission on

You can learn more about all the cookies we use below.

3. More information on cookies

3.1. Cookies used for correct functioning of the website

We use some cookies to ensure that our website functions correctly, such as:

  • To determine whether or not you are registered in the system;
  • To save your search history on our website; or
  • To allow you to add comments on our website, e.g., in the

Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent the use these cookies other than by stopping the use of our website.

3.2.Third-party functions

Our website, just like most websites, also includes third-party functionalities. For example, this is true of YouTube videos included on the website. If these cookies are disabled, this will likely block the functionalities provided by these third parties.

Our website includes the following third-party cookies and other tools:

3.2.1. Statistics cookies

We use cookies to draw up visitor statistics, e.g. to determine how many people have visited our website, which type of technology they used (e.g. Mac or Windows – this helps us determine in which cases our website does not work as it should for specific technologies), what time they spent on our website, which page they viewed the most, etc. This helps us continuously improve our website. These programmes, so called “analytics”, also indicate how people reached the website (e.g. from Google search engines) and whether they had already visited it previously – this helps us spend more money to develop the services for you instead of making marketing expenses.

The specific tools currently used are available in the "Details" tab in the cookie bar. Types of tools may include the following:

Google Analytics (More information). The service is provided by Google Ireland Limited. This service may process your personal data such as online identifiers, including cookies, IP address and identifiers of the device from which you access our website. We use the information to enable us to perform analytics on our customers and website visitors.

Mouseflow (More information is available here and here). This service may track clicks, mouse movements, browser type, device type (desktop/tablet/phone), selected language, operating system, display resolution, time spent on our website, specific pages visited, page content (HTML), city or country, from which you visit our website, the keys you press (but NOT which keys you specifically press or what you type), where you came to our website from, whether this is your first visit or whether you have visited the website before, and custom tags or variables. However, all of this data is anonymised and therefore we can never link it to any specific person (it is statistical data only). (More information). Service is provided by company IMPER CZ, s.r.o. (More information). Service is provided by company ALSENTA s.r.o. The service does not identify specific natural persons and focuses only on legal entities.

If you visit our website, you may be interested in further details about Safetica or our products and services. To make sure that no customer who might use our services misses this opportunity, we use the services of some companies for "remarketing", i.e., reaching out to people who have already visited our website to offer them our products or services. In addition, we may serve advertisement even if you have not yet visited our website, but have visited websites that are generally related to our products or services, or have entered keywords into your browser that relate to our products or services. Advertisements are always served based on certain criteria or the existence of an item in a remarketing list, which consists of cookie IDs on endpoint devices. We can also track your preferences through various tools.

The specific tools currently used are available in the "Details" tab in the cookie bar. Types of tools may include the following:

Google Ads (More information). This service allows us to place our advertisements on Google and Google partner websites (e.g., banners in videos).

Facebook (More information). This service allows us to place our advertising on Facebook and Facebook's partner applications (e.g., Messenger and Instagram). The service works by showing you advertisements that match our settings regarding the people we want to show our advertisements to. For example, we may specify the location in which the person to be contacted lives, their age, gender or education, interests, previous Facebook behaviour (e.g., based on viewing articles relating to IT security), or specify that they will be contacted if they visit our Facebook profile, etc. If you meet the criteria we set out, you will see advertisements for our products or services because they are likely to be of interest to you.

LinkedIn (More information). The service works similarly to Facebook but is operated by Linkedin.

Sklik (More information). This service allows us to place our advertising on the website and the websites of its partners. The way Sklik works is that when you visit our website, the Sklik code on our website identifies your ID from the Sklik cookie and includes it in our remarketing list. We then determine under what conditions you will be selected from this list to see our advertising (e.g., when you enter the keyword "DLP" into a search engine). If these conditions are met, the advertisement will be displayed. In addition, our advertisement may appear on the websites listed above if you visit websites that are generally related to our products or services, or if you enter keywords into a search engine that relate to our products or services

3.2.3. Tools that record your web activity

Some tools help us create your heatmaps, to see how readable the site is, by recording your activity. We use this data to make our website more efficient and improve its appearance. We may also use this information for the purpose of providing support if you have a problem with the functionality of our site. We can also use them to better manage our marketing communications. We use these tools when you agree with the marketing purposes in the cookie bar.

The specific tools currently used are available in the "Details" tab in the cookie bar. Types of tools may include the following:

Smartlook (More information). The service provider is, s.r.o. Within this tool we record your activity on our website. This means that we have a video record of your behavior, what pages you visit, your IP address, location, etc. We only record the part where we can't see your private information such as passwords, forms, etc. We use this tool to better understand the needs of our users and to optimize our website.

You can use the tool to opt out of the records using the tool available here:

HotJar (More information). The provider of this service is Hotjar Ltd. Like Smartlook, we use Hotjar to better understand the needs of our users and to optimize the website. This tool allows us to create logs of your behavior and create heatmaps. We do not link the logs to your user ID.

Hotjar Ltd. may also be the recipient of the data collected and may use your data as set out in the following table:

Usersnap (More information). The tool helps us to address and remember the data already filled in the surveys and to get feedbacks on the use of the site. Some information about your use of the website will be transmitted to and stored by Usersnap on servers in the European Union (EU). Usersnap will use this information to add contextual information to manually submitted feedback from users, to analyse feedback, and to generate reports in Usersnap's dashboard. For more information about the processing of personal data, please visit

Hubspot (More information). The tool also helps us monitor your activity on the site. In addition, we use this tool to provide email communication and manage the data collected on the website. The operator of this service is HubSpot Inc., 25 First Street, 2nd Floor, Cambridge, MA 02141, and the terms and conditions that we must agree to when using this tool include standard contractual clauses, which are available at the following address:

RB2B (More information).  When you visit our website, cookies and similar technologies may be used to associate these activities with other personal information they have about you. We use RB2B to decipher anonymous U.S. based visitors on our website. We may then send communications to these individual accounts via LinkedIn. The tool is both CCPA and CRPA compliant. You may opt out of receiving this advertising by visiting

3.2.4. Specific use of cookies

An overview of the individual cookies, including storage time and purpose, is available in the "Details" tab in the cookie bar.

4. Administration of cookies settings

In order to ensure your protection in conformity with the legal regulation, we divide the cookies we use into two categories. Those that are necessary for the proper functioning of the website or to perform the service you request from us, and others. The first mentioned category of cookies is listed in article 3.1. in this information notice, and we may even use these cookies without your active consent.

We may only use other cookies if you give us your consent to use them by clicking the "Allow All" button in the information banner that appears when you visit our website or by selecting specific purposes and clicking the "Allow Selection" button. As part of the consent process, you can choose for which purposes you consent to the use of cookies and for which purposes you do not.

5. Disabling or limiting cookies

In most cases, you can disable cookies by modifying the browser settings in that you disable cookies in the browser. If you do so, you will probably limit the functioning of our website, as well as a great many websites worldwide, because cookies form a standard part of a majority of modern websites. In respect of cookies, you might be concerned about “spyware”. Please note that rather than by disabling cookies in your browser, you can attain the same objective by installing an anti-spyware software that automatically removes cookies considered invasive.