Safetica Technologies, one of the world's most awarded Data Loss Prevention solution providers, with a presence in over 110 countries, today announces an alliance with EsyWorld as its distributor in Brazil. The main objective of this alliance is to open the Brazilian Market and promote the sale of Safetica’s quality data loss solution for small, medium and large businesses across the widest variety of segments.

About EsyWorld

EsyWorld will distribute Safetica Auditor, Safetica DLP and Safetica DLP + Mobile, all of which increase employee productivity and protect companies from accidental or purposeful data leakage.

Luís Rogério Moraes, CEO of EsyWorld says, “We focused on the needs of the market and understood that offering a data loss prevention solution at this time, when our privacy regulations, LGPD, is approaching, and at competitive price, would be extremely relevant as a leak could result in a company’s bankruptcy.”

Safetica in Brazil

For Safetica, choosing EsyWorld as its distributor was downEsyWorld’s established presence in Brazil with superior professionalism and quality:

“We sought to have a representative in Brazil who could compliment the way we operate globally and EsyWorld was the right choice”, says Petr Žikeš, CEO at Safetica Technologies.

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