Safetica, provider of  top-class contextual Data Loss Prevention solutions (DLP) and Seclore, provider of the industry’s first, open Data-Centric Security Platform today announced their partnership to bring automated detection, protection, and tracking of sensitive information to enterprises.  Often referred to as the “last-mile” problem, a challenge heightened by growing privacy regulations, organizations need to detect, control usage, track and revoke access to sensitive documents as they are shared within and outside the enterprise.

With the addition of Seclore Rights Management, Safetica customers can automatically attach persistent, granular usage controls to protect documents as they are detected, ensuring sensitive information remains under the organization’s control no matter where it is sent. The automated browser-based nature of the solution eliminates the need for end-users to download and install agents in order to access the information.

“Protecting sensitive information using DLP is a great step forward towards reducing the risk of security breaches and addressing regulatory compliance,” stated Petr Žikeš, CEO at Safetica.  “We are excited to expand the value of our offering by adding Seclore’s automated Rights Management. We chose Seclore based on their browser-based technology that makes it easy for recipients to utilize protected documents, the ease of integration, and robust regulatory compliance reporting capabilities.”

“Data security and privacy continue to be a top concern for any business, and we are excited to partner with Safetica to deliver the combined powers of contextual detection, protection and tracking of sensitive information to Safetica customers worldwide,” said Vishal Gupta, CEO, Seclore. “With the seamless integration of our data-centric protection solutions, businesses can rest assured that their sensitive information can only be utilized by approved users.”

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