Safetica aims to provide affordable data protection to any company in a manner which fits their needs and without any additional IT administration or disruptions in operation.

In short, while ensuring all our clients and potential clients have the widest range of protection, we intend to stay compact: an easy to deploy, easy to use, human-centric, scalable security solution that protects against intentional or unintentional data loss.

With this in mind, we have made some innovations that we hope you will appreciate.

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Fortinet integration

In an age where, with a simple click, any file can travel across multiple channels around the world, data classification needs to travel along with them. That's why Safetica 9.3 has evolved to keep your files protected even after they've left the endpoint and traveled across all types of channels throughout your company. Powerful persistent metadata classification along with the new API-based integration with FortiGate boosts data classification and gets you detailed control over how sensitive data travels through networks and is used on endpoints. Thanks to Safetica's integration with Fortinet (FortiGate, FortiMail and FortiSIEM) you'll be able to recognize data easily wherever it is, protect sensitive files across endpoints and networks, or create a comprehensive threat management system with less effort.

Diagram of joint solution

Audit for Mac & Android begins

Following on from Safetica 9.1 with both Office 365 and Exchange online cloud auditing, the new Safetica 9.3 is further expanding its audit capabilities. We are proud to announce the first version with macOS and Android file audit. The new cross-platform auditing features allows for a more complete understanding of your company's file operations and sensitive data flow. This helps you answer the crucial question: "What data are users working with?".

Other improvements

    • Sensitive content detection improvements
    • Incident file download (for forensic evidence)
    • Advanced alerts for cumulative policy violations
    • Improved support for docking stations
    • Enhanced SIEM integration and reporting
    • Performance improvements and faster website loading

Do you want to try the newest version of Safetica 9.3 on your own? Our demo version is available to you.

Try it now!

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The Safetica team is on the road

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