Safetica Mobile

Protecting your sensitive business data on mobile devices

Safetica’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool increases data security on mobile devices and helps you monitor and manage company devices from one location.

Mobile Device Security

Safetica Mobile Device Security

Safely work on your mobile devices when you are on the go without worrying about loss or data leaks

Set security rules for company mobile phones

Identify harmful applications on particular devices

Remotely block or wipe lost or stolen devices

Mobile Device Overview

Safetica Mobile Device Overview

Comprehensive multiplatform
overview in one
single place

Assess company PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones

Track and find lost devices with remote localization

Monitor device security and status

Centralized Remote management

Safetica Centralized Remote Management

Automatic set up of mobile devices saves you time. No need to manually configure mobile devices.

Batch set security rules

Automatically configure new devices

Manage all company devices from a single place

Manage and track all mobile devices

Device status installed apps accessibility OS versions and root

You can check all company devices and discover security risks in a single glance. Find out about the current state of devices, OS versions, or about which device belongs to which user. You can add a new mobile phone or tablet in just 3 clicks.

Safetica MDM

Anti-theft protection

localization remote lock sensitive data wiping reset to original settings

It’s a fact: company mobile phones get lost. Instead of constantly replacing lost phones, you can invest in something much smarter. Safetica helps you find lost devices and if it turns out that they have fallen into the wrong hands, Safetica lets you remotely wipe all of your confidential business data. With Safetica, what’s yours stays yours.

Safetica in mobile phone

Automatic mobile device configuration

screen lock password strength camera use

Setting up company mobile phones doesn't have to be time consuming. All you have to do is define common rules for device groups, and the rest is automatic.

Safetica screen lock

Setting up company accounts

e-mail accounts company wifi networks

Remotely set up company accounts on mobile devices and make company email boxes and wifi networks accessible to employees, without having to send passwords through Skype. When an employee leaves your company, all you have to do is delete their email account — all work-related emails are also deleted. So you can be sure that your critical data remains your asset, not theirs.

Safetica wifi

Across platforms

iOS Android Windows Mobile

Safetica Mobile supports the most commonly used mobile platforms. And with a native link to Safetica DLP it allows you to protect your whole company - computers, laptops, mobile devices – all from a single place.

Safetica MDM
Security Audit in one click
Eliminate the need for a security expert to perform a laborious and lengthy analysis and bring it to anyone with Safetica.