Safetica Auditor

Comprehensive overview of security incidents and processes throughout your company

Detect hidden security threats, quickly and easily

User productivity analysis results in increased employee efficiency

Software and hardware analysis saves resources

Audit of sensitive files identifies hidden security risks

Increase employee efficiency and save personnel costs

Eliminate unneeded expensive software licenses

Objectively compare productive and unproductive employees

Determine if employees are using company equipment for non-work related purposes

See which employees are looking for a new job and reduce the risks of data leaks

Quickly implement comprehensive DLP and monitoring systems

Safetica Auditor guarantees quick ROI

The reduction of a mere 30 minutes a day in employee inefficiency can result in wage savings of up to 6.3%. Return on investment can be seen only 3 weeks after Safetica implementation. Other savings come from reduced printing costs, the elimination of unused software licenses and more efficient computer use.

Safetica Auditor gives you a comprehensive overview of your company







PC energy efficiency

Immediate notifications

Export to PDF and XLS

How does Safetica Auditor work?

Safetica Auditor logs employee computer activity and safely stores the logs on your server. It even tracks employee activity on devices that aren’t connected to your company network. You can access Auditor reports at any time — even from your smart phone — giving you easy to understand information about possible security threats or productivity issues. So whether you or your employees are at work or away, you can be sure that they’re doing your business safely.

Key functions of Safetica Auditor

Safetica Auditor
  • In-depth, easy-to-read, 1-click reports
  • Activity monitoring on terminal servers
  • Active vs. inactive application usage
  • Work-related and non-work related activities
  • Regular reports and immediate notifications delivered to your inbox
  • Full compliance with European law on employee privacy protection