Safetica NXT
Smart, straightforward, and secure SaaS DLP

Deploy in minutes and reduce complexity with a cloud-based solution backed by built-in templates, automated settings, and risk-driven incident detection. 

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Safetica NXT
Smart, straightforward, and secure SaaS DLP

Deploy in minutes and reduce complexity with a cloud-based solution backed by built-in templates, automated settings, and risk-driven incident detection. 

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Simple and smart.

data security.

Templated data classification

Discover and classify your sensitive data based on built-in templates. Audit data flows in any channel or activity for compliance and forensic evidence.

Incident detection & response

Leverage smart auto-detection of incidents and auto-evaluation of risk and suspicious or abnormal behavior for rapid response.

Intellectual property and sensitive data protection

Protect your know-how and other business and customer-related information from leakage. Prevent mishandling or stealing your data.

Compliance violation detection & mitigation

Detect and audit potential regulatory compliance violations of GDPR, HIPAA or PCI-DSS and set appropriate protection to enforce internal policies.


Cloud-native DLP Software as a Service

Safetica NXT was developed as a super quick-to-deploy and easy-to-use service that runs natively in the secured cloud.

To run Safetica NXT, you don't need any in-house hardware infrastructure. Simply install Safetica Client on your devices and start right away! Detect insider threats and risks, prevent data leaks, and record incidents.


Deployment in the blink of an eye

Implementation of Safetica NXT is super-fast. It takes only a matter of hours to deploy the solution to your environment. Then, within a couple of days, you can perform the first security audit and set up initial DLP rules.  Protect your data from day one.

1 |

DLP management console is auto-deployed in the cloud.

2 |

Safetica Client is remotely installed on employee devices.

3 |

Safetica NXT is ready to audit incidents and protect your data.

Simple & smart solution based on the best DLP practices

We have built a risk-driven DLP as a next-gen security solution with a particular focus on simplicity and automation. So administering it requires just a couple of hours per week.

Free up your time with straightforward settings and a pre-configured environment. Smart, automated risk evaluation, automated detection of the safe digital workspace, and automatically generated reports make for low-maintenance security.

Powered by risk and data analytics

Safetica NXT evaluates the risk level of each operation and every protected user with automatic continuous analysis of sensitive data flow.

Holistic risk classification with learning capabilities helps you to detect and distinguish between a user's intent to leak data and real user activity. Simply presented information about low/medium/high-risk events and users helps managers focus on activities that require fast response.

Adaptable and scalable  subscription

Pay for our SaaS solution monthly or annually and use the service as long as you wish. Upgrade your subscription anytime according to how many users you need to protect. The core subscription package includes 20 users, with additional users covered by a per-user pricing model.

Start or cancel your subscription anytime. However, we are confident that you will not want to stop as Safetica NXT is super easy to use and effective for data protection and insider threat detection. Give it a try, without any commitment! Start your free trial now.

Visibility over your sensitive data

  • Full audit of sensitive data flow
  • Early detection of security incidents
  • Risk analysis and holistic insider threat detection
  • Instant alerts and brief weekly management reports

SaaS with high-grade protection

  • Data protection and risk discovery from day one
  • Mature cloud-native, multi-tenant architecture with a security-first approach
  • Secure Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication
  • Ready for dynamic and hybrid/remote environments
  • Multiplatform solution with Windows and Mac support


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