Technology partners

Safetica integrates with the most significant technology solutions to ease your way to IT security.

Technology alliances



Being a member of ESET Technology Alliance, Safetica products are recommended as a powerful data protection platform extending ESET security portfolio. Safetica and ESET cooperation makes it easier for customers to build an endpoint security perimeter.



Safetica DLP is bringing data protection, compatible and complementary to Microsoft’s Azure Information Protection and Microsoft 365 security capabilities. Traditionally designed for Microsoft environments, Safetica helps to protect companies‘ data wherever they reside – from on-premise environments to cloud.



Connecting Safetica to Fortinet network security products enables companies to protect their sensitive data wherever they reside – from companies local stations and network shares to transferred pieces of information on the network. As a proud member of the Fortinet Technology Alliance Program, Safetica brings an easily deployable integrated solution with Fortinet products.    Safetica and Fortinet    Joint solution brief    Implementation Guide

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