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Unpleasant consequences of Data Loss

million is the average cost of one data breach, in healthcare the amount is even higher – $7.13 million

actions compensations can be charged by authorities in case of sensitive data is compromised

days on average to find and contain a data breach

of companies experience a data breach, hence reputational risk 

How to protect your business

Data loss is a common phenomenon: how do companies lose it?

By accident

E-mail sent to a wrong address, deleting data with no backup files, lost devices such as laptop, flash drive, etc.

On purpose

The financial motivation of employees to sell the company's data; departing employees taking the data to the next job.

Due to a theft

Bad actors steal employees' credentials to access data by using social engineering to make employees respond to phishing


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A DLP software that performs many security tasks.

Discovery and detection

Audit and classify your sensitive data flows in any channel or activity. Investigate where your data is at risk of loss or theft.

Data protection

Protect your critical data and control who can access it. Prevent your employees from mishandling or stealing your sensitive data.

Regulatory compliance

Easily comply with information protection security acts, detect, log and prevent regulatory violations.


They trust us with their security.

Safetica One - dashboard

Safetica ONE fits every business and environment

  • Hassle-free, with great time-to-value
  • Low hardware requirements and endpoints impact
  • Flexible deployment with short time-to-value
  • Seamless integration with existing security stack, Microsoft 365, SIEM or analytic tools
  • Full-suite enteprise-grade data security platform
  • Scalability and automation of maintenance by leveraging end-user interaction

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  • How to set specific DLP rules 
  • How to investigate incidents and get real-time alerts 
  • How to set regular reports about potential incidents 

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