Protect your sensitive data against leakage and insider threats

The most common causes of data leaks are human errors, problems in processes, and disgruntled employees.  Find out below how Safetica DLP prevents your sensitive information, e. g. personal data, strategic plans, customer databases, or contracts from leaving the company.


What will you learn in the video:

  • What is Safetica solution, in a nutshell 
  • How to set specific DLP rules 
  • How to investigate incidents and get real-time alerts 
  • How to set regular reports about potential incidents 

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Safetica One - dashboard

Many security tasks. 

Safetica DLP solution.

Discovery and detection

Classify and audit your sensitive file dataflow in any channel or activity. Investigate where your data is at risk of data loss or theft.

Data protection

Protect your critical data and control who can access it. Prevent your employees from mishandling or stealing your sensitive data.

Regulatory compliance

Easily comply with information protection security acts, detect and prevent regulatory violations.


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Why DLP software is important:
Crucial facts about Data Loss

of companies experience a data breach 

days on average to find and contain a data breach 

of small businesses will close within six months due to a major data leak

is the average cost of one data breach 

How can Safetica help to protect your company’s data?

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