Effortless data protection by the market's top DLP solution

Safetica Data Loss and Insider Threat Protection enables you to:

  • Find all your sensitive data and label it.
  • Protect your intellectual property, even in the cloud.
  • Predict and prevent insider-caused incidents.
  • Comply with data protection regulations.
  • Restrict external devices and unwanted applications.

Audit, Protect, Secure your sensitive data  

Discover your sensitive data and audit its processing

  • Discover sensitive data from personal, financial, healthcare, and other categories to improve visibility across the company environment.
  • Audit file operations and data security incidents to support regulatory compliance and investigation.


Protect intellectual property and ensure the regulatory compliance

  • Protect sensitive, confidential, proprietary, or other business-critical data against accidental leakage, exfiltration, or corporate espionage to support business continuity, prevent reputational harm or financial loss.
  • Ensure security incident auditing and security policy validation to comply with multiple data protection regulations, laws, and standards, e.g., GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, or ISO/IEC 27002.


They trust us with their security.


Detect insider threats, monitor risks, and mitigate them based on behavioral context

  • Discover and audit high-risk employees (departing, layoffs, remote workforce, contractors) and advise them to adjust their behavior before causing an incident.
  • Discover and remove unwanted or unnecessary applications, hardware, or peripherals (Shadow IT) in your environment.
  • Detect and address broken business processes based on uncovered data flows through various channels.

    Manage mobile devices, restrict external USB storage devices and protect printing

    • Secure BYOD environments and protect sensitive data from getting leaked through mobile devices and USB/removable media.
    • Monitor printing and prevent physical leakage of classified documents.

    Prevent data leakage to cloud storage and secure data in the cloud

    • Direct integration with Microsoft 365.
    • Monitor and audit file uploads and downloads to cloud storages.
    • Prevent sensitive file uploads to remote cloud storages and cloud email services.


    Safetica has a large footprint in finance, manufacturing, healthcare, public & retail. 

    • Low hardware requirements and minimum endpoints impact
    • Flexible on-prem or SaaS deployments with short time-to-value
    • Seamless integration with existing security stack, Microsoft 365, SIEM, or analytic tools
    • Full-suite enterprise-grade data security platform
    • Scalable and low maintenance, thanks to maximum automation and end-user interactions

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