Company overview

Identify problems in internal processes and implement solutions.

Implementing Safetica helps with:

Hidden Security Risks


Safetica reveals hidden security risks

Do you have a clear picture of what is going on with your company data?
Are you able to enforce accountability for how your data is treated?

Safetica gives you:

Regular summary reports
Immediate e-mail notifications in the event of a problem
A detailed record of file operations for audit purposes

Ineffective Internal Processes


Safetica helps with Ineffective Intrnal Processes

Of course you have security protocols in place. But do your employees actually follow them?
Are your security rules enforceable?


Analyzes network, computer and peripheral device activity
Logs any suspicious activity
Provides information about non-work related activity

Sensitive File Management


Safetica Sensitive Files Managment

Do your employees share important documents on torrent sites?
Are your systems streamlined and transparent?


Protects sensitive documents from being leaked.
Informs employees about what they can and can’t do with critical files.
Clearly defines security protocols.

What you need to know

Safetica gives you an almost instant analysis of your data activity and helps you identify potential problems in your processes. So you can manage your data like you manage your business. Be informed so you can be effective.

Safetica - Application usage

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Internal security audit sample report

See how Safetica can expose your company’s hidden risks.

Safetica allows you to explore what's going on inside your organization and to react to potential problems in real time. You’ll have accurate and clear information about what is going on in your company so that you can make the right decisions.

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