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Topics: Product updates

Balancing Act: Safetica safeguards usage of over 200 GenAI tools

Integrating Generative AI ("GenAI") tools has become the norm across a wide range of industries. Safetica provides two distinct approaches for managing Generative AI (GenAI) tool usage in organizations.

Block and Protect Your Sensitive Data in ChatGPT Using Safetica

To minimize the risks of data loss associated with ChatGPT, Safetica offers an effective solution.

Lessons from the NSA Leak: Preventing Unauthorized Disclosures with Traffic Light Protocol (TLP)

The recent NSA leak has once again highlighted the critical need for effective information sharing protocols to prevent such leaks and safeguard classified information.

Shedding Light on Shadow IT: What it is, why it’s risky and how to intercept it

Shadow IT poses serious security threats such as data leaks and potential compliance violations, and organizations must take steps to manage its risks.

Safetica NXT strengthens its promise of being both a smart and simple DLP SaaS solution

Now with over 300+ built-in templates in data classification and protection​ plus an improved easy-to-use navigation 

Safetica ONE 10.2 Released: Improved OCR, UX, Updates for Large Environments

We are happy to introduce changes that improve Safetica ONE again: from secondary language support to improved user experience for forced reboots or network integration limited to critical apps.

Safetica NXT, next-gen SaaS DLP, brings extremely fast time-to-protection of data

Safetica NXT – next-gen SaaS (Software as a Service) DLP – now provides truly easy-to-use data protection enhanced by automation and built-in templates. I

New content inspection and classification in Safetica ONE has arrived for macOS

Minor release of Safetica ONE 10.1 brings advanced content inspection with OCR for macOS and gets further enhancements. This version is also ready to be integrated with Netwrix Data Classification

Safetica NXT Q4/2021: Safetica HUB, improved content scanning, and weekly report

Do you want to know what major changes brought last months for end-customers and MSP? 

Safetica ONE 10.0: The new generation of DLP integrated with Insider threat protection features

The new content inspection and OCR, risk detection, and data analytics API integration, new branding in the products' user interfaces and improved the overall user experience.

New Generation of Safetica is here!

In September 2021, we are happy to introduce Safetica ONE, Insider Threat Protection approach, and the new Safetica brand.  

Video Sensitive Data Protection and Company Operations Audit with Safetica

Learn how can Safetica solve your company sensitive data protection and operation audit goals!

Security or uninterrupted work? With Safetica 9.9 you get both.

New version brings override of DLP policies or control of when file content scan is needed. And announcing public beta of Safetica 9.10 with OCR!

Safetica 9.8: Efficient detection and investigation

We focused on the most critical part of data security, detection, and investigation of data incidents and added new powerful capabilities and split the rest of the product based on the need for the response level.

Safetica 9.6: How to achieve flexible security for remote companies?

Regulatory compliance for remote companies, the lack of human interaction in remote companies and the challenge of securing work devices at home...

Safetica 9.5: Ready for the cloud age

E-mail DLP policies for Office 365, audit and protection of your data anywhere and support for Azure SQL database hosting.

Safetica Gets ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 Certified

By getting certified, Safetica demonstrates that it has processes in place to provide high-quality products and services.

Safetica 9.3: Data Anywhere, no Platform Limitation

Safetica 9.3 extends data protection beyond Windows endpoints to every location no matter where the employee is working.

Sneak peek at Safetica 9.3 - Data Anywhere

Take a look at upcoming features: Fortinet integration, audit for Mac and Android...

We have become a Microsoft Gold Partner

In the fall of 2018 Safetica joined the Microsoft Partner Network and became a Silver Partner, less than a year later and we’ve already reached the next level - Microsoft Gold Partner.

Safetica 9.1: Sensitive Data and Cloud E-mail Under Control

Safetica 9.1 let you discover risks on Office 365 Exchange Online and, with the help of new rules, you can now better identify sensitive content in your business.

Safetica DLP 9.0 – Manage data security from a single place

Safetica 9 introduces a reimagined DLP configuration with all the simplicity of Channel Control and all the power of our former DLP rules.

Safetica 9.0 – Data Protection without a Manual

Set up your data protection without reading instructions, reveal the most pressing security issues without spending hours analyzing monitored data with Safetica 9.0.

Safetica 9.0 - Discover Security Issues

The new version of Safetica was designed with IT administrators in mind. They are the ones who need to know what's going on in the security of their organization, so they can immediately resolve any problems.

Safetica has joined Fortinet´s Technology Alliance Partner Program

Integration of Safetica’s Data Loss Prevention solution with Fortinet products gives businesses a powerful tool to secure data, no matter where it resides or flows.

And the winner is ... Safetica!

We are proud to have been ranked as one of Red Herring's 2019 TOP 100 Europe, one of the most prestigious awards in the industry.

With DataSolutions, we have strengthened our market position in the UK and Ireland

Together, we will help businesses protect data and make it easier for them to comply with legislation, in particular the European GDPR. 

Safetica 8.4: The final version with Windows XP support

Safetica 8.4 delivers a whole bag of UI improvements, enhanced DLP capabilities. To ensure your security, Windows XP will no longer be supported.

Safetica is now a member of the Microsoft Partner Network

The Safetica and Microsoft connection brings data protection to the area between the cloud and an organization’s internal perimeter.

Safetica 8.0 – don’t waste your time!

DLP in 3 clicks, extended data discovery, efficient surveillance, enterprise environments and MSPs... read about all new features of Safetica 8.0.

7 reasons to enjoy Safetica 7.8

New version of Safetica can find and tag data easily for GDPR, lets you have a better look at tagged data and find sensitive content in emails.

Performance matters

At Safetica we believe that great security software offers protection without noticeable impact on performance. Our data loss prevention software is therefore built to stay lightweight on the resources despite its ever-expanding feature set.

What's new in Safetica 7.5?

Guided GDPR security settings, simplified data tagging, enhanced BitLocker encryption management and detailed application visibility... and many more changes and improvements are being brought to you by Safetica 7.5.

What’s new in Safetica 7.3

This version focuses on reducing cost and time to deployment by optimizing frequent tasks and server performance, as well as improving the user experience.

Safetica 7.2 is released - What's new?

All-in-one deployment and update view, revised DLP settings workflow and improved client-server communication.

What’s new in Safetica 7 - the complete overview

New WebSafetica, Deployment Wizard, with redesigned UI and setup, brand new encryption features for external devices and single installation package for Safetica and Safetica Auditor.

Company audit in 3 steps with Safetica 7

Safetica 7 brings a single installation package, seamless integration of all components and auditing profiles. Deployment with Safetica 7 can be achieved only in 3 steps

WebSafetica - online tool letting you get data security insights with ease

WebSafetica is designed specifically to provide managers with the means to monitor security and effectiveness of their company in a way that is easy to access, understand and maintain. WebSafetica is a product part of Safetica 7.

Support for Windows 10 in Safetica products

Safetica and Safetica Insight will be compatible with Windows 10 in April 2016.

Safetica Technologies wins highest test honors from SC Magazine

The editors praised the software’s performance and functionality in addition to the developers’ focus on detail and quality.

Data on the fly and Safetica 5.4.0

Enhanced OTF functionality is a major part in the 5.4.0 update of the Safetica 5 Data Loss Prevention.  OTF ( on the fly) functionality helps organizations find and tag their data in real time.

Everyone knows the 80-20 principle - except the data classification experts

Data security starts and stops with people. There is a need for a people-centric approach to data security that begins with detecting and preventing unsecure actions, regardless if they are accidental or malicious. Technology wizards need to realize that there are limits to their classification efforts.

Your children may never play in a sandbox, but they might work in one

Sandboxing or visualization is a way to let suspect programs run, safely isolated from the rest of the device. Safetica technology brings the sandbox concept over to data security and endpoint monitoring.

Safetica 5 is a SC Awards 2014 finalist for Best Data leakage prevention (DLP) solution

Safetica 5 was recognized as a top product in DLP category for its ability to protect critical data inside and outside the company, prevent data from unauthorized exits from network and endpoint computers, monitor traffic.

Managing Social Media with Moderation in the Workplace

Internet and social media use at the workplace is a significant productivity issue for many employers. To control use, companies may block specific sites or establishing a restrictive Acceptable Use Policy for their employees. How to create reasonable restriction with Safetica?

The Snowden Files: A question of access

The flight of Edward Snowden with laptops of classified information on U.S. spying programs has people wondering the obvious: How did he do this? And how can you prevent this from happening to your company?

Safetica 5 has been awarded 4 ¾ stars in SC Magazine review

“This tool is a nice entry into endpoint security. And, we found that the value for the money is good,” wrote Peter Stephenson, head of the SC Test Lab.

Website monitoring with Safetica

With Safetica, monitoring internet use by the individual endpoint computer is surprisingly easy.

Safetica Build 5.0.5 is here, end users will never notice

Safetica Build 5.0.5 brings many functional, graphic, and linguistic improvements.

Safetica 5.0.5 in action

Build 5.0.5. brings Safetica clients a combination of language, graphic, and functional improvements.

New version 5.0.3 Safetica

The latest update to Safetica 5 brings several improvements for users, providing greater comfort and clarity, and increased coverage for corporate clients demanding the highest data security levels.

Safetica wins Computer Weekly security award

Safetica Technologies and its new Safetica 5 Data Loss Prevention/monitoring software won an honorable mention in the Best Technology Innovation category from the UK magazine.

Safetica 5 is here

Safetica 5 prevents human factor issues that can lead to the loss of confidential data, incur financial costs, and damage a company's security.