The Municipality of Guatemala decided to replace its previous approach to DLP, which consisted of best practices and manual controls, with systematic solutions that showed better results. As the governmental institution collects taxes, it needs to secure all of the sensitive data about citizens that it manages. 

Safetica provides perspective on data for security automation 

When choosing between different DLP solutions, the municipality in the end opted for Safetica. One of the main reasons for their choice was Safetica’s ease of monitoring and visualization. Implementing Safetica with help from the SEGA Group took approximately 3 months. SEGA Group’s support was crucial to identifying possible solutions and maximizing the tool’s applications.

After starting to use Safetica, the municipality's internal data security improved. It is now much easier to assist users in controlling the data and implementing policies. The municipality has much better internal control of social network resources and control over the handling of data sent by e-mail. 

By implementing the DLP solution, we have been able to take control of the different information resources that our users have, giving us a better perspective on the type of vulnerable information and the visualization we have of it"

Moises Vinicio Lima Conde
system auditor of the Municipality of Guatemala.

Based on the results obtained, the municipality plan to improve its use of Safetica functionality.

Kristýna Svobodová
Content Strategist @Safetica

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