Polish provider of technical services, Bibus Menos, leverages Safetica's solution to understand how their employees work with sensitive data and how it leaves the company. 

Problem: Tracking sensitive data flow and protecting against data leaks 

Polish company Bibus Menos specializes in selling and distributing motion technology components as well as consulting and designing comprehensive custom-made solutions. The wide range of company activities makes it necessary to secure all types of data – personal, intellectual property, and technical/project documentation. The need for an accurate document flow process in such a complex environment created a serious challenge. 

The company was searching for a solution that allows it to efficiently track the flow of sensitive data and deploy security policies that protect against data leaks. Protecting project data, which is a crucial company resource, was especially important. 

Polish distributor, Dagma Bezpieczeństwo IT, suggested Safetica, a tool designed especially for such applications. 

Among the crucial factors that spoke in favor of Safetica were its ease of deployment and technical support in Polish. Safetica’s ability to integrate with Fortinet (a solution already used within the company) was another important asset.

After implementing Safetica: The company now knows exactly what happens to its files 

Safetica One gave Bibus Menos a much better view of how their employees work with sensitive resources, so they know how to handle security more efficiently. Integration with Fortinet was critical. Because of this integration, the company not only knows what happens to files within the company but also what happens when they leave the network – which address they were sent to, what country, whether the recipient received them, and so on. It’s valuable knowledge that makes an administrator's work a lot easier. 

Safetica provides us with an overview of how our employees work with sensitive data. It makes IT admin work a lot easier and the company is much more secure when it comes to sensitive information,” 

Marcin Łuczon
IT department manager in BIBUS MENOS


Bibus Menos implemented Safetica with help from Dagma and their overview of data security improved dramatically. They plan to keep using the Safetica solution and take advantage of new functionalities in the future.

Kristýna Svobodová
Content Strategist @Safetica

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