The Lithuanian Šiaulai State University of Applied Sciences was established in 2002 through the merger of two separate colleges. It offers 20 study programs that nearly 100 teachers teach. When GDPR came into force, the organization had to ensure that their sensitive data was protected. 

Problem: GDPR Compliance to Protect Personal Data 

The university has a variety of personal data in its databases, and the organization wanted to make sure that it was not misused or sent via any communication channel. Emailing sensitive information out of the university would be both a data breach and a GDPR violation. And since GDPR recommends using a Data Loss Prevention solution, the university was looking for the perfect software solution to protect its data. 

Solution: Hassle-Free DLP Improves Data Security 

A Lithuanian university was looking for DLP software and opted for Safetica. The price-quality ratio convinced them, as well as the assistance with implementation and settings that the provider offered. 

The customer’s vision was to have an independent DLP that they wouldn’t have to take care of on a daily basis. That’s why they appreciate Safetica. The solution is hassle-free, easy to use, and doesn’t need to be constantly managed by the IT team. Safetica generates reports, analyzes sensitive data, and restricts unauthorized data transfer, thus ensuring data security and regulatory compliance at Šiaulai State University of Applied Sciences. 

We can see that our data security has improved since implementing Safetica. The solution provides information on how employees handle sensitive data and hence prevents data leaks.

- Donatan Daugirdas, Head of IT Center

Kristýna Svobodová
Content Strategist @Safetica

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