Safetica Technologies is a winner in the Computer Weekly “European User Awards for Security”.

Safetica Technologies and its new Safetica 5 Data Loss Prevention/monitoring software won an honorable mention in the Best Technology Innovation category from the UK magazine.

“A multi-level tool to secure information at rest and on the move and through DLP using behavioral analysis – nice, embracing approach,” said Clive Longbottom, founder of Quocirca research and analysis firm and a Computer Weekly judge, in his review of Safetica.

Computer Weekly is the leading source of news and analysis for the IT community in the UK. The Computer Weekly awards recognize the best innovation in information security and IT risk management. Entrants were reviewed by a panel of independent judges in five categories: Public Sector Project, Best Technology Innovation, Supplier of the Year, Private Sector Project and Cloud Innovation.

“We are excited by the award and the recognition of Safetica by industry experts. This is confirmation of the Safetica approach to internal threats and data security,” said Jakub Mahdal, CEO of Safetica Technologies.

Safetica 5 is a Data Leak Prevention (DLP) suite that provides companies with complete prevention from data breaches and defends against threats originating from human activities. The software includes DLP features with endpoint monitoring and network supervisor tools, enabling companies to protect confidential data and raise productivity. The complete article is posted on the Computer Weekly site.

Safetica team

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