In Safetica, staying ahead of the curve translates into creating an exceptional product experience for our customers. We looked into market trends and customer reviews and spent countless days to offer you advanced protection while maintaining an excellent, seamless user experience.

Fueled by insightful feedback from our customers and extensive research of industry trends, we bring you our latest product release. Safetica ONE 11.0 now enables to:

  • Utilize a web-based management console.
  • Maximize product value by aligning features with real use cases.
  • Simplify data loss protection through further integration of policies and data classification.
  • Improve backend efficiency, quicken response times and minimize unnecessary delays.


Safetica ONE Console

The most radical enhancement of Safetica ONE 11.0 is its brand new Safetica ONE Console. It is a web-based management console that offers a centralized and intuitive interface and optimized features. This single central management dashboard allows you to perform different activities like investigating data security incidents, handling security policies, configuring automated data classification, and managing your organizational workspace. Navigation is streamlined for the incident investigation scenarios that users commonly encounter.

The Safetica ONE Console is truly designed for the user to ensure efficient work and optimal performance, thus strengthening Safetica ONE's position as the easiest-to-use DLP.

Safetica Unified Data Classification

Safetica ONE 11.0 helps you discover and classify your company’s valuable data using its unique unified data classification. This approach combines analyses of file content, file origin, and file properties, and ties into unified data protection policies.

For the user, this means that a single data classification can incorporate various types of rules and technologies. Powered by this unification approach, data policies can now apply to multiple data classifications and you no longer need to create a special policy for each one of them. It’s that simple!

Safetica ONE 11.0 brings these straightforward yet powerful combinations of data classification and protection to ensure thorough data security and cover more risky data loss events than ever before.

This product release marks the start of this year’s journey to deliver the ultimate product experience for you. Keep an eye out as we roll out more exciting features in the coming months.

Ján Lakatoš
Product Manager @Safetica

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