The new Safetica 5 is now fully available in Japanese following the 5.0.3 update of the data loss prevention / monitoring software. Adding Japanese to the Safetica language portfolio required both new technical features in addition to the extensive translation of the UI and support materials. One of the biggest technical additions is the new Web Control option which can single out specific key words and substrings entered into the web browser. This is particularly useful for Japanese due to the language structure.

Safetica Technologies is represented in Japan by Promark, a distributor with over a decade of experience providing customized security solutions for a full range of companies. “We've been active in the market for organizations with big data and big security needs,” explains Keizo KATSUTA, owner and managing director of Promark. “We see Safetica 5 as the data security tool that local companies are looking for. Our client list includes one of the biggest banks, the leading telecom/internet provider, and largest automobile manufacturer in the country – and the second largest stock broker.”

In addition to representing a top-level German security firm, Promark has its own team of developers and specialty products, enabling them to provide comprehensive sales, support, and development experience to clients. “On the ground, we are also a technical partner for Japan IBM as an AV vender for IBM Mainframes and have extensive Unix/Linux experience,” says Mr. KATSUTA. From their base in Tokyo, Promark has built up their own national channel and reseller network. With Promark as a partner, Safetica Technologies is now fully fluent in Japanese.

Safetica team

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