Safetica Technologies, the Czech specialist in software protection against data leaks, has received an investment of 2.5 million dollars. The new investment comes from current investor Ondrej Tomek. Safetica Technologies was recently valued at around €10 million.

“Our clients include leaders in the automotive industry, finance, government ministries, public administration, top engineering companies, representatives of the petrochemical industry, and logistics,” says Jakub Mahdal, CEO Safetica Technologies.

“Our customers are slowly but surely beginning to discover the benefits and savings opportunities that using our software provides. They appreciate the quality, wide-ranging functionality, low implementation costs, and ease of use – features which make Safetica significantly different from competitors,” he adds.

“I'm glad that I can help Czech companies conquer the global technological market. Safetica is a great example of Czech know-how which is making a place for itself at home and abroad,” says Ondrej Tomek, who invested in Safetica for the first time in 2012 and is an investor in other Czech companies.

Software from Safetica Technologies is used by organizations which are aware of their need to protect sensitive data from intentional or accidental misuse. Safetica DLP (Data Loss Prevention) software can prevent data leaks, detect manipulation of information, and save costs by uncovering the inefficient use of computer and network resources.

Safetica Technologies today provides services to more than 140 domestic and foreign companies, such as Bangkok Pacific Steel Co. Ltd, BBSF Bank, Coca Cola Bottlers Ltd-Coastal, Kofola, Medilife, Telecom Malaysia, and many others.

Petra Voženílková
HR Manager @Safetica

She devotes herself to the people who make up Safetica and excitedly introduces it to those who might become a part of it one day.

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